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Starburst is a traditional 5-reel slot game offered by NetEnt. It is a relatively straightforward game with a hybrid cosmic and fantasy theme. The background is fashioned to appear like a dark starry space, or time warp. The symbols however, are a combination of old-style lucky 7’s, gold bars, and a collection of dazzling gemstones.


The game’s namesake symbol is a multi-gem known as the Starburst. It randomly appears on one of the middle reels and acts as a wild symbol. After tallying an initial coin win, a free bonus spin commences. The reels will present a new symbol collection, or concurrent Starburst bonuses. If the three inner reels show Starbursts, along with matching outer symbols, the jackpot of 50,000 coins is won.

Along with the Starburst, two traditional non-gem symbols are used. The first is the Golden Bar, which provides the highest non-bonus payout. The next most valuable symbol is the Lucky 7. Five fantasy gemstones finish the game symbol list. They are yellow, red, green, blue, and purple and have very active graphic appearances.

How to Play

In either demonstration mode, or real money mode, the object is to spin and line-up 3-5 of the same symbols on predetermined line. Payouts are paid utilizing 100 different line formations. Single and combination lines can add to large non-bonus winnings.

The mode of betting coins in Starburst is similar to other reel games. There are options to bet single coins in denominations from $.01 to $1.00. Each bet activates a possible win line. A maximum bet will allow winnings on all possible lines. A max bet is also necessary to take advantage of any Starburst that appears on the reels. For people who prefer a regular and timed pace when they play, an AutoSpin option is available for any line amount and coin type.

Tips to Play

There is no complex strategy to playing this game, except the fact that one large win using a higher coin denomination and max bets produces a satisfying amount. This is not necessarily true with small bets. Though obtaining a large line win is just as random as small wins, a missed jackpot because of insufficient line activation can be quite disappointing.

Overall Review of Starburst

This game is obviously modeled after the extremely popular reel games found in brick and mortar casinos. The colors and music are designed well, but the play is rather slow and the reels tend to become tedious to watch. This is partially due to the game having only one type of symbol-activated bonus, and no engaging storyline and progressive goal.

Starburst Paytable

The best quality of this game is its consistency and easy mode of play. There is no “learning curve.” The payouts are simple to understand, and convey a true sense of random play. Also, the software is devoid of animation bumps, reel graphic skips, and malfunctions. Additionally, the online casino offering this game has agreeable deposit and withdrawal options based on a highly secure software interface. It is a fun game with a moderate jackpot potential that even the most experienced reel players will enjoy.

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Play Hall of Gods Slot Game

Hall of Gods is an online slot machine that is developed by Netent. As its name might imply, Hall of Gods is a game that is primarily focused around mythology. Although there are plenty of online slot machines that focus on Greek mythology, Hall of Gods is somewhat unique in that it is centered on Norde mythology. As a result, players can expect to harness the power of gods like Thor to try and win it big. In order to help players take full advantage of Hall of Gods and its various bonus offerings, this guide will look at the game’s main mechanics, and also give an overall review of the game itself.

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20 Free Spins


Hall of Gods offers players the same classic five reel system that they are likely already familiar with, but adds a few new twists and turns through its Thor bonus mechanic. Through this mechanic, players are able to win one of several different jackpots, as well as take advantage of a variety of other symbols to maximize their payouts. All of this variety comes together to make Hall of Gods a much more interesting game than other similar entries in the market.

In addition to graphical support that really captures the essence of Norse mythology, Hall of Gods also has a high quality soundtrack that accompanies it. When you first load up the game, be prepared to immerse yourself in the setting with rich drum sounds that make you feel as if you’re planning a big viking raid. All of this intensity and excitement comes to a head whenever you hit a large payoff, with the music taking on an even more rapid sense of urgency. If you’re interested in a game that makes you feel like you’re truly a part of Norse mythology, then there are few other online slot machines out there that can really compare to Hall of Gods.

Hall of Gods: Tips & Tricks

Aside from being an excellent homage to Norse mythology, Hall of Gods is also known for being fairly generous to its players, especially in the form of bonuses that can be unlocked through play. The first thing that new players will notice is that each round of Hall of Gods is played with ten different symbols, which can range from simple chests to complex images of the Norse gods themselves. In addition to the excellent artwork on each symbol, there are other images scattered throughout the game that help to further flesh out the world and immerse the player. Of course, pretty artwork won’t help you win.

In order to maximize your chances of winning, you’ll want to plan out your betting system to rely on consistently hitting Thor’s hammer, which entitles you to the bonus game. Through these bonus rounds, you can unlock other wild symbols that give considerably higher payouts than would otherwise be possible. This, of course, also ignores the value of the jackpots, which are noteworthy as well. If you want to maximize your winnings, then you should try keep your bets on each spin low, but high enough that you still maximize your paylines on each spin. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities to play with Thor’s hammer.

Hall of Gods is a great game for anyone who has even a mild interest in Norse mythology, or for someone who’s simply looking to try a new online slot machine. Netent has a notable history of developing high quality online slot machine games, so it should come as no surprise that Hall of Gods once again showcases their expertise.

Twin Spin Slot Bonus and Game Review

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Twin Spin Slot Game Features

Twin Spin is a slot game that’s rapidly gaining traction on casino websites all over the Internet. The game has a traditional vibe that’s somewhere reminiscent of slot machines of years past. It still manages to achieve the dazzling flair of many current five-reel video slot options, however. There’s a pleasant simplicity to Twin Spin that’s rather uncommon in the gaming universe these days.

The Twin Spin concept is straightforward. It mixes old-fashioned casino fun with graphics that are truly fresh and innovative. It has a deep blue backdrop that’s eye-catching and visually appealing at the same time. It also features brilliant laser lights in diverse colors such as green, blue and magenta. People who play the slot game also can see sparkling yellow spots that look a lot like stars in the night sky. These spots combine and form racing lights when players win money, too.

Twin Spin is chock-full of symbols that take people back to earlier times. If you want to play a slot game that will make you feel like you’re having the time of your life in a Sin City casino from decades and decades ago, Twin Spin should do the trick. The game doesn’t only make use of old-fashioned symbols, either. It also includes assorted letters and numbers such as A, 9, 10, K and Q. Examples of other prominent symbols that are part of the Twin Spin game are golden bells, vibrant red cherries, massive diamonds and gold bars. The enormous diamonds are paramount. That’s because they offer the best value to players.

Twin Spin Slot Symbols

Music is a big part of the joy of Twin Spin. The NetEnt slot game features tunes that are funky and fun-loving. This music has a vibe that should appeal to lovers of music from the eighties. You don’t have to worry if you’re not exactly a big fan of the sounds, though. That’s because Twin Spin gives you the ability to easily switch them off. You can do so using the game’s helpful and user-friendly sliding volume function.

Twin Spin is a slot game that should be enticing to players who like tried and true slot machines. It’s equipped with a dazzling “Wild” symbol that can replace all others. It doesn’t have a scatter symbol. That’s one of the things that makes it stand out. It doesn’t give players access to free spin bonuses, either.

The name “Twin Spin” is a nod to the twin matching reel concept. It feature 243 paylines. The game’s twin reels can grow larger and turn into triple and quadruple reels alike. They can include additional matching reels as well.

People who play Twin Spin can enjoy numerous different bet options. They can opt to place 25 cent bets for single spins. They can also choose to place $125.00 bets for single bets. Higher bets are common among players who are feeling bold and daring. An automatic play option is available to Twin Spin players. Twin Spin players can reap the benefits of 10 distinct bet levels. If you prefer a $0.01 coin value, that choice is available to you. If you prefer a higher $0.50 coin value, on the other hand, that choice is also readily available to you. Lucky Twin Spin players can receive jackpots that reward them with as many as 270,000 coins.

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Jimi Hendrix Slot Game


If you are looking for something to do in your spare time, then you should head over to your computer and play the Jimi Hendrix online slot game. You definitely would not see anything like this if you were to go to an actual casino. You may not be familiar with the game, but it is easy to learn. You will get acquainted with the symbols and what each button means.

Once you get through the short introduction, you will be taken to the game. The game has several different symbols. You would need to become familiar with these. They include a couple hearts, peace signs, notes, records, eyes, a few flowers, and a guitar.


Jimi hendrix symbol payout values

Next you should learn a little bit about the game before playing. When you click on auto play, a small dialog box will pop up. In that dialog box, you can choose how many spins you want to have, and the game will spin for you. Remember the more spins you make, the more chances you have at winning. If at any time you want to stop the automatic spins, you can click stop in the dialog box. The button to the right of that is the spin button. By just clicking on that button once, the game will spin for you one time.

Jimi hendrix - Open in a new window

The button to the right of the spin button is the max bet button. By clicking on that button once, you will see lines go across the symbols every which way. When you click the button again, the game will spin. If you get a certain amount of the same symbols in that pattern, then you may get lucky and earn some points.

Jimi hendrix symbol payout values

The game will let you know at the bottom the amount of points you have earned or if you are playing for money, the amount of money you have earned. Once you get the steps down, such as becoming familiar with the symbols and the buttons, then the Jimi Hendrix game will come naturally to you. You will want to play over and over until your fingers get sore from clicking the buttons. It is a great game, and it would definitely be something you would recommend to anyone else looking for something to do in their spare time.

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Jimi hendrix symbol payout values 3

Play Cosmic Fortune Slot Game

Cosmic Fortune is an online slot machine game, which has a futuristic, almost alien like feel to it. The game does not look anything like the standard slot machine games that can be played online, which are typically a virtual experience of sitting at a casino in front of a slot machine, as Cosmic Fortune simply has symbols that are floating and look like they are in a bubble. There are five spinning reels and three rows in the game, which spin after the player chooses how much they want to wager, making the actual spinning process the same to most slot machines.

The symbols include several futuristic alien like creatures, a lightning bolt, a few different foreign landscapes, and some other odd objects that are clearly not of this world. If you are looking into playing this for money online, it would be a great idea to play it for free in order to get the hang of the game, which will give you a better chance of hitting winning spins and basing your betting correctly. There are three progressive jackpots in the game, meaning each time you spin the reel, the potential jackpot grows, which can be hit from lining up certain symbols across the board. There are also two fixed jackpots in the game, which do not build up and can be hit at any point in the game.
The game has an avalanche feature, which means that when you hit the spin reel button, the reels do not actually spin, but they rather fall into place, leading to the term “avalanche feature”. There are wild symbols on the game, which take on the form of any symbol in the game, completing many lines across the board that would not have been hit otherwise. There is also a scatter feature, which scatters the board and may give the player another shot at hitting a winning spin. There are plenty of additional bonuses and free spins, which really make this game a fun experience to play, so if you are looking for something new, check out the Cosmic Fortune slot machine game.

Play Arabian nights | Jackpot Slots Machine

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Game Review

Arabian nights have five reels and 10 lines. This is a unique slot game among many in that it only allows the player to bet one single coin each line. Also, ther e is only one coin value for each line which is 0.50 in currency. However, the player can choose how many lines he wants to play for each spin. This gives the player a maximum betting amount of 5.00 in currency. Putting this in consideration, you can still win millions in this game if the jackpot amount allows for it.

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Play Arabian nights

Play to win real money with free bonus

You just have to match the symbols to win prizes. The matches are to be made left to right on each reel. There are a total of ten game symbols that you can match with a couple of special symbols to watch out for which includes the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. The lamp is the scatter symbol with the Arabian man being the wild symbol.

If you hit a couple of lamp symbols during a spin, you will be awarded multiples rewards to your wager. With the Arabian man wild symbol, you will win double the amount of what you would win in any combination, other than with the scatter symbol. If you get a multitude of wild symbols in a combination, then you could win huge amounts of money.

Arabian Nights has only one special feature which is a free spins game, which is triggered by hitting at least three lamp scatter symbols in a combination. During the free spins, every combination is met with triple rewards except for the jackpot. Otherwise, it is a very simple game which is straight forward. It is also very generous when it comes to winning jackpots.

Play Mega Joker Slots Machine

Mega Joker is a slot machine game that can be played online, which is based on an overall joker theme.

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The game visually looks like your typical, standard slot machine that you would find in any casino. Although there are some distinguishing factors that make this a great game to try out.

Mega Joker
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The symbols in the game are typical of most slot machines: As there are sevens, bar codes, bells, various pieces of fruit. As well as the ability to hit a progressive payout.

Mega joker is a progressive slot machine. Meaning that the more that the game is played without hitting a major jackpot, there is a higher amount that can be hit.
The player has the ability to select the amount that they want to bet. But if they want to hit the biggest jackpot, they will have to select the max each time they hit the spin button. There are three spinning wheels – Which give the player the opportunity to hit various lines. That come across the board diagonally and horizontally.


The amount of coins that are paid out are a direct result of the symbols that hit in a direct line. Which correspond to the overall winnings. Mega Joker is one of those games that has that visual appeal that so many people are looking for when they play a slot machine game online. As you have the classic slot machine set up. With the ability to win on lines that a normal slot machine game would not provide.

Play King Of Slots Online Free | Tips And Review

You can become the King of Slots if you are playing the game the right way. The great bonuses in the game are going to help you get more spins, and you are going to win more money with more spins.

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You have to make sure that you are playing this game the right way when you get started, and you need to try to make it easy for yourself by leaning towards the bonuses and free spins. There are shuffle tiles that are going to help you get more spins out of the game, and these shuffles are going to help you win more because they are providing a way for you to get winning tiles together. Someone who is playing this game a lot is going to notice that the shuffles and free spins are more valuable than money.

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Bet Well

You need to bet on paylines that are going to help you win, but you need to make sure that you are going to get the best winnings from bets that go on all the different paylines. The paylines you choose need to be picked for good reasons, and you need to pick them because you have seen them win in the past. You might be able to make changes to your bets based on what you have seen, and you will be able to guarantee more wins.

The Look

This game looks really good, and it is going to be a great way for you to enjoy your time playing because it is easy to look at. You will be intrigued by the graphics, and you can focus on the crown that will be on your head when you are winning a lot of money in the game. Everyone who is in need of some winnings can play, but anyone who loves good programming can sit back to enjoy this game.

The game is going to help you win a lot of real money, and you need to make sure you are playing the right way so that you can become the king. You are going to get better results when you bet the right way, and you have to think about how you are going to place your bets so that you will be able to make a living winning at this really interesting and royal game.


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