Twin Spin Slot Bonus and Game Review

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Twin Spin Slot Game Features

Twin Spin is a slot game that’s rapidly gaining traction on casino websites all over the Internet. The game has a traditional vibe that’s somewhere reminiscent of slot machines of years past. It still manages to achieve the dazzling flair of many current five-reel video slot options, however. There’s a pleasant simplicity to Twin Spin that’s rather uncommon in the gaming universe these days.

The Twin Spin concept is straightforward. It mixes old-fashioned casino fun with graphics that are truly fresh and innovative. It has a deep blue backdrop that’s eye-catching and visually appealing at the same time. It also features brilliant laser lights in diverse colors such as green, blue and magenta. People who play the slot game also can see sparkling yellow spots that look a lot like stars in the night sky. These spots combine and form racing lights when players win money, too.

Twin Spin is chock-full of symbols that take people back to earlier times. If you want to play a slot game that will make you feel like you’re having the time of your life in a Sin City casino from decades and decades ago, Twin Spin should do the trick. The game doesn’t only make use of old-fashioned symbols, either. It also includes assorted letters and numbers such as A, 9, 10, K and Q. Examples of other prominent symbols that are part of the Twin Spin game are golden bells, vibrant red cherries, massive diamonds and gold bars. The enormous diamonds are paramount. That’s because they offer the best value to players.

Twin Spin Slot Symbols

Music is a big part of the joy of Twin Spin. The NetEnt slot game features tunes that are funky and fun-loving. This music has a vibe that should appeal to lovers of music from the eighties. You don’t have to worry if you’re not exactly a big fan of the sounds, though. That’s because Twin Spin gives you the ability to easily switch them off. You can do so using the game’s helpful and user-friendly sliding volume function.

Twin Spin is a slot game that should be enticing to players who like tried and true slot machines. It’s equipped with a dazzling “Wild” symbol that can replace all others. It doesn’t have a scatter symbol. That’s one of the things that makes it stand out. It doesn’t give players access to free spin bonuses, either.

The name “Twin Spin” is a nod to the twin matching reel concept. It feature 243 paylines. The game’s twin reels can grow larger and turn into triple and quadruple reels alike. They can include additional matching reels as well.

People who play Twin Spin can enjoy numerous different bet options. They can opt to place 25 cent bets for single spins. They can also choose to place $125.00 bets for single bets. Higher bets are common among players who are feeling bold and daring. An automatic play option is available to Twin Spin players. Twin Spin players can reap the benefits of 10 distinct bet levels. If you prefer a $0.01 coin value, that choice is available to you. If you prefer a higher $0.50 coin value, on the other hand, that choice is also readily available to you. Lucky Twin Spin players can receive jackpots that reward them with as many as 270,000 coins.

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