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Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist

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Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is an online casino game that is operated by Netent. When you first go to the game the background is in the desert with a dark purple background. It looks like it’s at night. The music is upbeat yet suspenseful and every so often you’ll hear a dog bark. A cool thing about this game is that the graphics resemble a comic book. Instead of having a button that says spin, it’s actually a 6 shooter bullet chamber.


This game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed lines. It also has 4 different Wild bonuses that do different things. While the regular wild can be hit in normal gameplay and in the bonus spins, the other 3 can only be hit during the bonus spins. These wild bonuses will be explained farther down. There is an area that says Level. This corresponds with the bet. For example Level 1 is a bet of 10 and Level 10 is a bet of 100. The bet only goes to 10. The coin value area tells you how much you are betting. The amounts are:


  • 0.01
  • 0.02
  • 0.05
  • 0.10
  • 0.20
  • 0.50
  • 1.00


There are 2 bonus features. The first is called Pick and Click. To activate this game, you have to get a golden safe on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once you get them you get to pick ONE of the safes. Each safe has a coin amount and you get the amount that is inside the one you pick. You can only win ONE amount with this one. Another thing to point out with this bonus game is that you can win up to 50 times your bet. The other bonus feature is scatters. To activate this bonus game you need to get the 7 symbols. The number of 7 symbols will equal how many spins you get. That is explained below.


Once you get the scatter symbols you will spin a wheel to see which one of the 4 wild bonuses you will get. Not only will you get random wilds but these wilds also have corresponding win amounts. The scatter amounts are below:

  • 3 Scatters- 10 free spins
  • 4 Scatters- 20 free spins
  • 5 Scatters- 30 free spins


Regular Wild

This wild is purple in color and it will make any one symbol a wild.


Expanding Wild

This wild is yellow in color and it will make the whole column it is in wild.


X2 Multiplier Wild

This wild is pink in color and it will multiply your wins by 2.


Spreading Wild

This wild is green in color and will spread to a neighboring symbol so that you have 2 wilds instead of 1.


All of these have the same corresponding win amounts but you could win more or less depending on what you hit and your bet. The corresponding win amounts are:

  • 3 Wilds- 25 Coins
  • 4 Wilds- 80 Coins
  • 5 Wilds- 500 coins


There are 8 different symbols to win on. You have to get 3 or more of a symbol in order to win. Each one has corresponding win amounts. The specific icons and win amounts are down below.


The Woman

  • 3 Symbols- 25 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 80 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 500 coins


Old Man with Eye Patch

  • 3 Symbols- 20 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 70 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 300 coins


Man with Knife

  • 3 Symbols- 15 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 60 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 200 coins


Young Boy with Eye Scar

  • 3 Symbols- 15 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 60 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 200 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 10 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 50 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 100 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 5 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 30 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 80 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 5 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 30 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 80 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 10 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 50 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 100 coins


As you can see, there are many ways to win. If this excites you then saddle up and get ready for some big wins!


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Spin Dazzle Me Slots Machine

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Game Review

Dazzle Me is a beautiful slot machine by NetEnt that was created to give you a sparkling and glittering experience when you bet. You may play the slot for free, or you may play the paid version when you are prepared to earn your money back. This article explains how you may play Dazzle Me for cash, for free or as a simple form of entertainment. You will discover a number of ways that you may earn money, and you may pass the hours happily while you are in the Dazzle Me universe.

#1: Dazzle Me Has A Beautiful Board

The board you see when you start playing Dazzle Me is much like a Vegas style board. You will quite enjoy the game because it encourages you and entertains you. There are many different people who will enjoy this game because it wakes them up while they are playing, and the games will share many more colors and shapes that players will like. The game will be quite a lot of fun to play when you reveal all the colors of the board, and you will pleased when it lights up after you win big.

#2: The Game Moves Quickly

The game moves quite quickly because it wants you to win as much as possible. There are many ways to win in the game, and you may use the auto spin feature if you wish to let it play itself. You may ask the game to bet for you, and it will place bets on the paylines while you are watching it spin. You will quite enjoy seeing the game win money for you, and you may allow the game to play for as long as you like. The bonus round will move that much faster, and you will begin to enjoy the game more because you are not heavily invested.

#3: The Bonus Round

The bonus round you are playing will multiply your winnings, and you will find it quite interesting to bet on the paylines while you are in the bonus round. You will multiply winnings up to nine times is quite important, and you will see the reels spin faster than they have in the game regularly. There are many people who will quite enjoy the game more when they are winning, and you will see that it offers you space to spin until you run out the round.

#4: Free Spins

You must search for free spins in the game, and you will notice that the game gives you as many chances as possible to earn more spins. The spins that you find in the game may extend your play for hours at a time, and you will find more opportunities to earn money because you have played for many hours.

The game will give you many chances to earn money, and you will begin to enjoy more because you are winning more money. You must start Dazzle Me today, and you will find that he game entertains you when you are betting your own money on each passing spin.


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Play Starburst Cosmic Slot Game

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Starburst is a traditional 5-reel slot game offered by NetEnt. It is a relatively straightforward game with a hybrid cosmic and fantasy theme. The background is fashioned to appear like a dark starry space, or time warp. The symbols however, are a combination of old-style lucky 7’s, gold bars, and a collection of dazzling gemstones.


The game’s namesake symbol is a multi-gem known as the Starburst. It randomly appears on one of the middle reels and acts as a wild symbol. After tallying an initial coin win, a free bonus spin commences. The reels will present a new symbol collection, or concurrent Starburst bonuses. If the three inner reels show Starbursts, along with matching outer symbols, the jackpot of 50,000 coins is won.

Along with the Starburst, two traditional non-gem symbols are used. The first is the Golden Bar, which provides the highest non-bonus payout. The next most valuable symbol is the Lucky 7. Five fantasy gemstones finish the game symbol list. They are yellow, red, green, blue, and purple and have very active graphic appearances.

How to Play

In either demonstration mode, or real money mode, the object is to spin and line-up 3-5 of the same symbols on predetermined line. Payouts are paid utilizing 100 different line formations. Single and combination lines can add to large non-bonus winnings.

The mode of betting coins in Starburst is similar to other reel games. There are options to bet single coins in denominations from $.01 to $1.00. Each bet activates a possible win line. A maximum bet will allow winnings on all possible lines. A max bet is also necessary to take advantage of any Starburst that appears on the reels. For people who prefer a regular and timed pace when they play, an AutoSpin option is available for any line amount and coin type.

Tips to Play

There is no complex strategy to playing this game, except the fact that one large win using a higher coin denomination and max bets produces a satisfying amount. This is not necessarily true with small bets. Though obtaining a large line win is just as random as small wins, a missed jackpot because of insufficient line activation can be quite disappointing.

Overall Review of Starburst

This game is obviously modeled after the extremely popular reel games found in brick and mortar casinos. The colors and music are designed well, but the play is rather slow and the reels tend to become tedious to watch. This is partially due to the game having only one type of symbol-activated bonus, and no engaging storyline and progressive goal.

Starburst Paytable

The best quality of this game is its consistency and easy mode of play. There is no “learning curve.” The payouts are simple to understand, and convey a true sense of random play. Also, the software is devoid of animation bumps, reel graphic skips, and malfunctions. Additionally, the online casino offering this game has agreeable deposit and withdrawal options based on a highly secure software interface. It is a fun game with a moderate jackpot potential that even the most experienced reel players will enjoy.

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Play Beetle Jewels Slot Machine

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The Beetle Jewels slot machine is quite a lot of fun for you, and you will find it easy to use when you are looking to bet your money. You will notice how simple it is to ensure that you are making money, and you may use the slot machine to pass the time. You will have fun playing the game, and it will give you many opportunities to ensure that you are making money. This article explains how you will enjoy playing this game.

#1: THe Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay that you experience when playing the game is quite fun as it will spin the reels when you are pressing the button to spin. You may set the game to auto spin if you like, and it will play through the game for you. You must ensure that you have watched the reels spin, and you will find where the tiles tend to fall.

#2: Lining Up Tiles

You may line up the tiles in the game one very spin, and you must bet on paylines when you believe you know where all the combinations will fall. You will find it quite simple to ensure that you are saving money on each spin, and you will earn a bit more than you would have otherwise. You must look through the Pauline’s that are available in the game, and one of them will speak to you.

#3: Collecting Free Spins

You may collect free spins easily when you are playing the game, and you will have many opportunities to continue to play the game because you have extra spins. The spins will help you make choices in the game that are a bit more bold, and you will extend the game for some time. It is important that you have searched for as many new spins as you may find, and you will notice that there are a number of people who will have more fun playing the game because it lasts longer.

Beetle Jewels free spins

#4: The Game Has A Bonus Round

The game has a bonus round that will take players to a place where all their winnings will be multiplied. The bonus round will help players earn more money than they ever could have before, and there are many people who will find it easier to get to the bonus round when they have played the game for long periods of time. The game will ontique to be interesting to the player, and they will feel good knowing they are increasing their chances of winning money.

Sign into the casino account today, and there will be a place where the player may use their account information to add money to their account. The accounts are easy to manage, and there are many people who may add payment information to their account at any time. It is simple to use the casino account to earn money, and someone who wishes to earn more money than others will find it fun to spin the reels on the game. The Beetle Jewels slot machine will help players save money when they are playing, and they will have quite a lot of money to earn.

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Spin Major Moolah to Hit the Jackpot!

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Game Review

Major Moolah is an entertaining slot machine game offered from Rival Gaming. This game is offered for free online and is not only fun to play, but you can win money at playing it as well.

Major Moolah is a three reel slot machine that offers no bonuses or bonus symbols. Despite not having any bonuses available, it is has a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is the first of it’s kind for Rival Gaming. It also adds another layer of game play that is unique to this Rival Gaming option.

How to Play

Minimum bet is one dollar, starting the game is as easy as clicking on the Spin button on the game. If you want to use actual money, the max bet is three dollars and you can use the Auto play feature. Non paying players cannot use the Auto play feature. Payout is dependent on how the player is paying.

The pay table appears on the left. The symbols that the game uses are symbols that any gambler would recognize. There are gold coins, BAR symbols, sevens and a special game symbol called “Major Moolah”. One or two gold coins will give players lower payout of either one, two, three or six, 12, 18 dollars. Any BAR symbol will payout five, ten or 15 dollars.

Any seven will payout ten, 20 or 30 dollars. Three blue BAR symbols will pay out 20, 40 and 60 dollars. Six yellow BAR symbols will pay out 30, 60 or 90 dollars. Nine red BAR symbols will net the player 40, 80 or 120 dollars. Three blue sevens will payout 60, 120 or 180 dollars. Three silver sevens will give the player 80, 160 or 240. Three gold sevens will pay out 100, 200 or 300. Three gold coins will net the player 200, 400 or 600. And three Major Moolah symbols will allow the player to achieve 750, 1500 or the jackpot. The varying amounts awarded for each symbol depends on how much the player bets at the beginning of their spin.

Progressive jackpot at 

The ultimate goal is the achieving the jackpot of $2,500, with the ability to get $89,000 or more depending on how high the progressive jackpot has reached. In order to have the chance to win the progressive jackpot, you need to play for Real and use the maximum bet of three dollars. In order to get the progressive jackpot, three special Major Moolah symbols need to appear on a pay line. The progressive jackpot is shown at the top of the screen during game play. After the jackpot is achieved, the progressive jackpot returns to a minimum and then starts its climb all over again.

Major Moolah combines traditional slot machine symbols and play with the added fun of video slot machine aesthetics. The progressive jackpot adds an extra element of surprise and fun with players trying to achieve the ultimate prize. With both a free and paid option, players can enjoy many different levels of play and payout. There’s no obligation to give Major Moolah a free spin.

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The Megadeth Slot Machine Will Have You Rocking Out

Megadeth Slot Bonus!

Formed in 1981, Megadeth has become one of the best thrash metal bands to come out of the Los Angeles area. All band members are featured on the slot’s reels. The standard reel symbols consist of Shawn drover, Chris Broderick and David Ellefson and the wild symbol consist of Vic Rattlehead.

Play At Slotsmillion casino with free bonus!


It’s not surprising that there is a dark look to the slot machine. The slot’s background resembles a concert theme which includes stage lights. The slot’s reels are connected to a frame which chains hold them in place. Each symbol includes either a fiery or black background. The band’s instruments are seen along with the respective band member as well as a pick and an amplifier. What makes this slot so striking is that the slot uses song excerpts after a player wins.


Multiple Level Bonus Screens

Two distinct features are included in the Megadeth slot machine. The first feature is a round consisting of free spins which include the use of the wild symbol. During the second feature, you play a round called pick me where you pick prisoners in the hopes of finding female prisoners.


Once you activate a feature, the slot will take you to either the Mega Wheel where it spins and will land on either the ‘Hangar 18’and give you a round of free spins or to a bonus round called ‘Head Crusher’. Either way, you will gain an instant win.

Hangar 18

If you land on the Hangar 18 feature, you can win up to 15 free spins and if the wild symbol lands, you will have it to help win until the feature ends. Having this occur will generate a lot more wins faster.


For the head crushers round, many hooded prisoners are presented to you. For every female prisoner you find you will earn a prize and for every male prisoner found your prize decreases.

head crusher


To obtain a bonus you must land a symbol called the bonus scatter on every other reel.


The Megadeth slot offers 40 lines of winning potential as well as an option called the ‘mega nudge’ which doubles the cost of a spin is used. A player has more chances to win if using this option because the wheels will either nudge up or down.

mega nudge

You also gain wins when symbols line up consecutively on a single win line. You also win every time you earn 3 or more symbols on a win line. If you land the Megadeth logo you earn 500x the amount of your coins after landing it 5 times consecutively. The David Ellefson symbol pays 300x, the Shawn Drover symbol pays 200x and the Chris Broderick symbol pays 150x. The lowest paying symbols of the slot are guitar pick, amp and the instruments.


The Vic Rattlehead wild symbol gains no wins alone, but if it expands and fills a wheel, you ultimately gain more wins.


The Megadeth slot is truly an original slot and theme which many who love the genre will love to play. But, if the Megadeth music is not your style, then you do have the option to mute the volume once their music begins to play. The combination of four symbols and nudge allows the slot to feel original.

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The Love Guru Slot Game | Review and Bonus

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The Love Guru is yet another of the casino slot games developed by iSoftBet. The slot theme and features were inspired by a Hollywood movie aired back in 2008. While the movie did get poor reviews, the same is not the case for this slot game. In fact, it is a very popular slot game in the casino world.

The game is characterized by incredible animations that replicate the imagery and the characters from the actual film that the game draws its inspiration from. It consists of 30 Paylines on the 5 reels available and several other bonus features.

One should expect nothing short of enjoyment while playing the game. Actually, one can enjoy the game without having to pay for the spin, thanks to the free play mode. However, one has to pay if one wants to win the prizes.

Graphics, Interface, and Layout

When one opens the game, they are welcomed with a colorful and bright interface. You will come across animated faces of the characters in the original film and the reels laying against a floral backdrop. The colorful and bright interface comes with a very easy and simple interface.

There is a single yet beautifully decorated bar just below the reels that bears all the necessary action buttons one would require to understand the game and play. The buttons available here can be used to determine their bets, choose a bet line, choose the number of bet line they would prefer, place the maximum stake, and so on.

Game Symbols

The Love Guru Instant Bonus + Wild

The symbols of the film’s characters used in this slot are characterized into low-value symbols and high-value symbols. The high-value symbols have the most payout, and they include the Guru Pitka Ashram logo, Guru Tigginmypudha, the football star in the film Darren Roanoke, Dick Pants, and the Coach Punch Cherkov. The low-value symbols, on the other hand, include the casino cards of the highest value – 9, 10, Jack, the Queen, the King, and the Ace.

Other bonus symbols in the game include the elephant wild, The Love Guru instant bonus game symbol, and the floral bonus symbol.

The Love Guru Bonus + Free Spins


When 5 Guru Pitka Ashram symbols appear in any of the pay lines, one wins 1000 coins. The Elephant (wild symbol) replaces all the symbols except for the two available bonus symbols.

With at least 3 of the regular bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, a bonus round with free spins is triggered. 12 boxed will be presented to you, and it is for you to open to know the number of free spins won. The free spins can be as many as 20. In the bonus round, one can win up to 15,000 coins.

The instant bonus is triggered when one gets at least 3 Love Guru Bonus symbols anywhere, and this comes with a guaranteed coin prize.

One should always look out for the three available bonus features as they come with admirable payoffs and bonuses.

For every spin, a player can place a bet with a coin value ranging from a minimum of 0.30 coins to a maximum of 30.00 hence conducive for both low and high rollers.

Final Thoughts

The Love Guru slots game is a simple slot game but nothing short of incredible. The free spins seem to come quite often meaning that the player gets a higher chance of winning. If you are a lover of slot games with movie themes, then you should enjoy this one.

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A Funny Slots Game – Cyrus the Virus

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Cyrus the Virus is a fun, humorous and free video slots game that offers not only a variety of fun visually but also offers some interesting features to the player. Cyrus the Virus offers the player the standard five reels as well as three lines but the big standout point is that the player is able to win in both directions! This feature is displayed visually with small organisms on the sides of the reels when a potential for a win on that line exists, a funny and unique spin on spinning slots.


The symbols of this slot game are represented by viral cells against a green backdrop that is intended to represent the interior of a living creature and adds an appropriately gross feel to the game. The virus cells start off small and uncomplicated, small silly blue critters, with lower payout values but grow to more visually complicated the more the value raises, such as a large, tentacled, many eyed creature. The overall display is easy to distinguish and understand, displaying a button to extend out the options and information panel, your lines, coin value, bet amount, a button to easily place the max bet value, the spin button, an auto-play button for when you need to step away but would like to continue spinning the reel, the amount you have won and your current wallet value are clearly displayed on the bottom of the heads up display.

How To Win

The win both ways feature is quite innovative and is represented by tiny holes on the sides of the reels which serve as pay-lines. There are always active pay-lines from left to right as well as right to left allowing for more chances to win. If you keep watch of these small holes as you spin, your win will be displayed to you with the fantastic visual animation of these tiny viruses shooting out from their hideouts to bring devastation among the reels giving you the satisfaction visually as well as the satisfaction of winning nicely on a spin.

Another feature that plays out wonderfully within the game play as well as visually is the Extended Wild With Re-Spin Feature. The middle row can contain wild virus that can then encompass the entire reel giving you the visual representation of grotesquely funny viral cells taking over your reel and awarding you an additional re-spin for even more winning capacity and when you get the wild viral cells to take over a line and then get the win both ways viruses to come from their holes, you are rewarded with a spectacular visual display to go along with your winnings.

Winning Chance

Cyrus the Virus utilizes a certified random number generator for each individual stop position giving you the fairest possible chances to win. The overall chances of winning are fairly high with a stated 96.3% theoretical return to the player. Also this funny slots game features fantastic protection from lost connections or other errors that occur outside of the control of the player. This is definitely a fun slots game with fantastic visuals to keep you entertained as you spin the reel and win big.

Play Greedy Goblins Jackpot Slot

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Greedy Goblins slots provides a rich, colorful animation beyond description. Armed with insightful characters, Greedy Goblins takes the player into the realm of the unknown for an outstanding adventure. Gnomes, goblins and mystique power this ancient slot into the modern era. Greedy Goblins online slot gives the online slots player every reason to return based on theatrics, music and enjoyment.


The Green Goblin awaits on the left hand side of the screen as the wheels spin in this epic adventure. His reactions to the spins is priceless and gives the player an opportunity to see what might be forthcoming in terms of the win column. The playful music that accompanies the background only enhances the experience as online slots players get the opportunity to win on low level bets or max opportunities. Will the Greedy Goblin be excited or sad? Only a spin will tell. It’s up to the spinner to keep the Greedy Goblin excited.


Nestled outside of his friendly tree house door, the Greedy Goblin seems in favor of the player instead of the game. His long pointed green ears only seem to point in the direction of amazing wins instead of horrific losses. He’ll take a drag on his pipe as you wait to spin for yet more fortunes. Don’t be overly surprised if the Greedy Goblin though walks back into his tree house with your winnings. It’s up to you to be more greedy.

The Greedy Goblin

He will giggle relentlessly if you get several “Wanted, The Ideal Stealer” frames in a row. The Greedy Goblin will do a dance if you somehow manage to corral several Green Goblins back to back to back on the same pay line. Treasure chests, moons and mushroom houses will also excite the Greedy Goblin to no end. The Greedy Goblin just might fall over as if he had just too much helium in his bloodstream. The feeling is quite contagious and it makes for a very fun time playing online slots. His reactions are priceless and perhaps the best online slots character to date. His attention to detail and to the pay lines are immaculate.


Tree house Wilds can also mystically magnify the online slots players winnings in a big way. If the online slots player hits “Welcome To Elfania,” prepare to see free spins galore in which bonuses could be gigantic. There is a possibility of 10X, 5X and 2X on each reel which could typically mean a giant bonus spin. Winnings can be multiplied quickly in the bonus round much to the chagrin or enjoyment of the Greedy Goblin.


Perhaps the giant win lies in the Tree house Wild which can ignite several different pay lines worth fortunes. The Greedy Goblin explodes with enthusiasm as the music continues to engage the spinner. He checks the reels carefully and reacts in abundance as the wheels often reveal prizes worth heaps of treasures in the modern world.


The Greedy Goblin might have the nose of Pinocchio but it tells no tall tales. His instincts are generally accurate as he awaits the reels to see what fortunes arise. He might depict an amazing win or fall over in laughter from a small prize. Either way, the Greedy Goblin is amazingly predictive in his estimation on the spin. His reaction is priceless and seems to foreshadow the winnings to come.


The Greedy Goblin combines fun with mystique in a way online slots rarely sees. It’s the rare combination of old earth mysticism and finding your pot of gold. For an adventure, check out The Greedy Goblin slots online.