Cosmic Fortune

Play Cosmic Fortune Slot Game

Cosmic Fortune is an online slot machine game, which has a futuristic, almost alien like feel to it. The game does not look anything like the standard slot machine games that can be played online, which are typically a virtual experience of sitting at a casino in front of a slot machine, as Cosmic Fortune simply has symbols that are floating and look like they are in a bubble. There are five spinning reels and three rows in the game, which spin after the player chooses how much they want to wager, making the actual spinning process the same to most slot machines.

The symbols include several futuristic alien like creatures, a lightning bolt, a few different foreign landscapes, and some other odd objects that are clearly not of this world. If you are looking into playing this for money online, it would be a great idea to play it for free in order to get the hang of the game, which will give you a better chance of hitting winning spins and basing your betting correctly. There are three progressive jackpots in the game, meaning each time you spin the reel, the potential jackpot grows, which can be hit from lining up certain symbols across the board. There are also two fixed jackpots in the game, which do not build up and can be hit at any point in the game.
The game has an avalanche feature, which means that when you hit the spin reel button, the reels do not actually spin, but they rather fall into place, leading to the term “avalanche feature”. There are wild symbols on the game, which take on the form of any symbol in the game, completing many lines across the board that would not have been hit otherwise. There is also a scatter feature, which scatters the board and may give the player another shot at hitting a winning spin. There are plenty of additional bonuses and free spins, which really make this game a fun experience to play, so if you are looking for something new, check out the Cosmic Fortune slot machine game.