Baccarat Betting System

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in both online and live casinos. It is a simple game to play and requires easy decisions from the player. Best of all, the house edge in baccarat is one of the lowest to be found among table games. This edge can be further reduced when the player uses a sensible baccarat betting system.

Finding a baccarat betting system online can be tricky. Some websites promise riches with the goal of selling the player expensive advice. This advice can often be had for free when the player takes the time to do a little research.

The Simple Baccarat Betting System

The most simple baccarat betting system looks to capitalize on streaks. In baccarat there are only three bets a player can make. These are wagers on the player to win, the banker to win, and the player and banker to tie. In this sense, baccarat is a true gambling game. It depends far more on luck than any type of skill.

Simple baccarat betting systems online are almost all variations of something called the Martingale System. Originally developed for roulette, the Martingale involves doubling up one’s bet after a loss. The goal is to simply win one bet or to recoup losses by doubling the wager.

Here is an example of how this baccarat system works. To begin the player makes a wager of one unit on one of the three betting choices. We will assume that this bet is made on the banker. If the bet wins, the player collects his winnings and continues with another one unit bet of his choice. If the bet loses, the player bets two units on the banker. If the third bet loses, the wager on the banker is four units. This continues until the bet is won and the player breaks even. At this point the player starts the sequence over and hopes to win one wager before losing again.

You might be able to spot the flaw in this betting system. It is very possible to lose many hands in a row at baccarat. Very soon it would be impossible to double the losing bet in order to recoup one’s losses. This is why the Martingale is rarely used today by baccarat players.

Variations of the Simple Baccarat Betting System

It is possible, however, to take the basic premise of the Martingale System and modify it to one’s needs. One way to do this is to bet one unit that two wins in a row will not make three.

Let’s say that you sit down at the baccarat table and keep a scorecard. Scorecards are provided in the live casino for free. You watch the action and wait until the banker, player, or tie wager wins twice in a row. You then bet against this wager with your next bet. If the player wager wins twice in a row, your bet could then be on the banker or a tie.

This type of system wins less frequently but does not require you to bet every single hand. What you are trying to do is take advantage of the idea that one wager cannot win three times in a row.

Unfortunately, sometimes a baccarat wager will win many times in a row. As stated above, the game is essentially one of luck as opposed to skill.

Always Avoid the Tie Wager in Baccarat

One thing that you can do to increase your chances of winning in online baccarat is to forget about the tie wager. A tie happens so infrequently that it is not worth betting on. It is very similar to betting on the green numbers in roulette.

Some players insist that they only wager on the banker when the player has won multiple times. The banker wager does win more frequently but the payout is less. The important thing to remember is that some type of betting strategy is better than none at all when it comes to online baccarat.