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Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist

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Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist is an online casino game that is operated by Netent. When you first go to the game the background is in the desert with a dark purple background. It looks like it’s at night. The music is upbeat yet suspenseful and every so often you’ll hear a dog bark. A cool thing about this game is that the graphics resemble a comic book. Instead of having a button that says spin, it’s actually a 6 shooter bullet chamber.


This game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 fixed lines. It also has 4 different Wild bonuses that do different things. While the regular wild can be hit in normal gameplay and in the bonus spins, the other 3 can only be hit during the bonus spins. These wild bonuses will be explained farther down. There is an area that says Level. This corresponds with the bet. For example Level 1 is a bet of 10 and Level 10 is a bet of 100. The bet only goes to 10. The coin value area tells you how much you are betting. The amounts are:


  • 0.01
  • 0.02
  • 0.05
  • 0.10
  • 0.20
  • 0.50
  • 1.00


There are 2 bonus features. The first is called Pick and Click. To activate this game, you have to get a golden safe on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once you get them you get to pick ONE of the safes. Each safe has a coin amount and you get the amount that is inside the one you pick. You can only win ONE amount with this one. Another thing to point out with this bonus game is that you can win up to 50 times your bet. The other bonus feature is scatters. To activate this bonus game you need to get the 7 symbols. The number of 7 symbols will equal how many spins you get. That is explained below.


Once you get the scatter symbols you will spin a wheel to see which one of the 4 wild bonuses you will get. Not only will you get random wilds but these wilds also have corresponding win amounts. The scatter amounts are below:

  • 3 Scatters- 10 free spins
  • 4 Scatters- 20 free spins
  • 5 Scatters- 30 free spins


Regular Wild

This wild is purple in color and it will make any one symbol a wild.


Expanding Wild

This wild is yellow in color and it will make the whole column it is in wild.


X2 Multiplier Wild

This wild is pink in color and it will multiply your wins by 2.


Spreading Wild

This wild is green in color and will spread to a neighboring symbol so that you have 2 wilds instead of 1.


All of these have the same corresponding win amounts but you could win more or less depending on what you hit and your bet. The corresponding win amounts are:

  • 3 Wilds- 25 Coins
  • 4 Wilds- 80 Coins
  • 5 Wilds- 500 coins


There are 8 different symbols to win on. You have to get 3 or more of a symbol in order to win. Each one has corresponding win amounts. The specific icons and win amounts are down below.


The Woman

  • 3 Symbols- 25 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 80 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 500 coins


Old Man with Eye Patch

  • 3 Symbols- 20 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 70 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 300 coins


Man with Knife

  • 3 Symbols- 15 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 60 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 200 coins


Young Boy with Eye Scar

  • 3 Symbols- 15 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 60 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 200 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 10 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 50 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 100 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 5 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 30 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 80 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 5 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 30 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 80 coins



  • 3 Symbols- 10 coins
  • 4 Symbols- 50 coins
  • 5 Symbols- 100 coins


As you can see, there are many ways to win. If this excites you then saddle up and get ready for some big wins!


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Play Starburst Cosmic Slot Game

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Starburst is a traditional 5-reel slot game offered by NetEnt. It is a relatively straightforward game with a hybrid cosmic and fantasy theme. The background is fashioned to appear like a dark starry space, or time warp. The symbols however, are a combination of old-style lucky 7’s, gold bars, and a collection of dazzling gemstones.


The game’s namesake symbol is a multi-gem known as the Starburst. It randomly appears on one of the middle reels and acts as a wild symbol. After tallying an initial coin win, a free bonus spin commences. The reels will present a new symbol collection, or concurrent Starburst bonuses. If the three inner reels show Starbursts, along with matching outer symbols, the jackpot of 50,000 coins is won.

Along with the Starburst, two traditional non-gem symbols are used. The first is the Golden Bar, which provides the highest non-bonus payout. The next most valuable symbol is the Lucky 7. Five fantasy gemstones finish the game symbol list. They are yellow, red, green, blue, and purple and have very active graphic appearances.

How to Play

In either demonstration mode, or real money mode, the object is to spin and line-up 3-5 of the same symbols on predetermined line. Payouts are paid utilizing 100 different line formations. Single and combination lines can add to large non-bonus winnings.

The mode of betting coins in Starburst is similar to other reel games. There are options to bet single coins in denominations from $.01 to $1.00. Each bet activates a possible win line. A maximum bet will allow winnings on all possible lines. A max bet is also necessary to take advantage of any Starburst that appears on the reels. For people who prefer a regular and timed pace when they play, an AutoSpin option is available for any line amount and coin type.

Tips to Play

There is no complex strategy to playing this game, except the fact that one large win using a higher coin denomination and max bets produces a satisfying amount. This is not necessarily true with small bets. Though obtaining a large line win is just as random as small wins, a missed jackpot because of insufficient line activation can be quite disappointing.

Overall Review of Starburst

This game is obviously modeled after the extremely popular reel games found in brick and mortar casinos. The colors and music are designed well, but the play is rather slow and the reels tend to become tedious to watch. This is partially due to the game having only one type of symbol-activated bonus, and no engaging storyline and progressive goal.

Starburst Paytable

The best quality of this game is its consistency and easy mode of play. There is no “learning curve.” The payouts are simple to understand, and convey a true sense of random play. Also, the software is devoid of animation bumps, reel graphic skips, and malfunctions. Additionally, the online casino offering this game has agreeable deposit and withdrawal options based on a highly secure software interface. It is a fun game with a moderate jackpot potential that even the most experienced reel players will enjoy.

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Play Jack Hammer Animation Slots Game

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Based on the cartoon and comic strip, the Jack Hammer video slot is a popular game that was created by game developers, Net Entertainment. The plot of the game is told through comic strip style graphics as Jack Hammer attempts to stop his nemesis, Dr. Wüten, from destroying the city. The non-progressive jackpot video slot features five reels with 25 paylines. The coin values extend from as low as £0.01 up to £1.00 with a limit of 10 coins per line. The paylines are non-adjustable, so the minimum bet is £0.25 per spin, and the maximum bet is £250 per spin. The player’s bet has to be placed before starting the game. The Coin Value button, selects coin denomination using buttons at the left or right. Choose Bet Level by clicking the buttons to determine the number of coins to be played for every line. Click the Max Bet button to bet five coins on each of the 25 lines. Click the round arrow button to begin playing the game. The Autoplay option allows the spins to occur several times without interruption.

Icons And Bonus Features

Jack Hammer (the gangster with the gun) is worth 1,000 coins if five of them display on a payline at once. High paying icons also include a lady with a phone, a boy with a newspaper, and Dr. Wüten. Low paying icons are Dr. Wüten’s blimp, a newspaper, a ringing telephone, a car, and a vial of poison. The free spin icon, which is also the scatter icon, is the bomb.
The scatter icon will award free spins when five or more icons appear on the reels.
Five bombs = 10 free spins.
Six bombs = 15 free spins.
Seven bombs = 20 free spins.
Eight bombs = 25 free spins.
The player who can get nine to 15 bombs will be awarded 30 free spins. All free spins wins are accompanied with the 3x multiplier. The wild icon has the word “wild” on it. The wild icon can replace all other icons, except the free spin icon. The highest possible win per line occurs showing the wild icon from left to right.

Sticky Win
The Sticky Win is Jack Hammer’s greatest weapon against Dr. Wüten. The player must play all 25 lines to access the Sticky Win feature. If the player is awarded with more than three free spin icons that will initiate the Sticky Win bonus round. During this round, the reels will display the winning icons, while the other reels continue to re-spin allowing the player to achieve larger wins. The wheels will continue to spin as long as there is the potential for additional wins. If the player continues to re-spin and there aren’t any additional wins, the Sticky Win bonus round ends. Anything the player has won up to that point, is paid out. The Jack Hammer jackpot is 250,000 coins. If the player has bet the maximum, it can be as much as £10,000 that can be won. With the special features and free spins, Jack Hammer has a house edge of approximately 3% that contributes to the return-to-player rate.

Secrets of Atlantis

Atlantis is an ancient city that is well known for the activities that take place. Atlantis is found in the sunken city during the earliest Greeks mythology. It is mainly designed to provide entertainment. It can accommodate many players who enjoy the spinning visuals and other games.

Games like 5-reel and 40-payline are very attractive to the players who know how to play. The city has extra unique features that make both ways win, colossal symbol re-spin and also nudging extended. To find the lost city of Atlantis is the same as taking home the best tips on games. A secret of Atlantis is a game that took place in 1937. The original name of the game was Atlantis V. An individual who created the interactive entertainment sold the game to nobilis changing the developer who was known as Adventure Company. The computer game is going wild and many people are excited with the tricks of getting the bonuses.

Atlantis, the city of riches

The unique and primary mentions of Atlantis were allegorical works of Plato. The philosophers use the city to show the competitive features and superiority of a good nation. The city is known by its abrupt demise after the gods of Greek state that it sunk in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. People speculate the location of the city using guesswork hoping that one day they will get the lost treasures. Players that spin the machine will not get the true secret of Atlantis. Instead, the players will get a chance of receiving bonuses on the game. The game is delightful and it thus leaves a mystery of the existing city which can be traced somewhere else.


Symbols of the secrets of Atlantis

Secrets of Atlantis payout symbols

The reels set to show a city that is completely dissolving in the salty waters of the sea. The beams of the light show the supernatural atmosphere. With the games symbols, there are many things that one is expected to see? The symbols include seaweeds, like jellyfish, turtles in the sea, pearls and few crabs. Punters encounter the watery treasures with pieces of gems, sapphire ruby, and emerald. These items have been designed to imitate creatures from the sea like turtles and crabs.

Play South Park Slots Machine


One of the most popular television shows of the modern era is now bringing slots players fun and excitement with a healthy dose of humor. The South Park Slots game features Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and other hilarious characters from the television show in a slot game that resembles the most modern slots in a live casino.

Playing the game is simple. To begin, a player selects how much they would like to wager on a base spin. This amount can range from $0.02 to $0.50. Next, players can choose from one of ten levels, with ten being the highest and offering the largest payouts. The amount wagered on each spin goes up accordingly as players choose a higher level. It is also possible to use the convenient Max Bet option to play the maximum wager every time. Once the bet is placed, it’s time to spin the reels.

South park wild symbol

In addition to the characters from South Park, the game also uses face cards from a standard deck as possible matches. These include 10 through A. Wins are compiled when a player matches three of the same symbol on a played line. Wilds are also included to spice up the action and increase the chances of a winning spin.

South park mr hankey feature


When a player gets a BONUS icon on each of the last three reels, a bonus game is triggered. There is also a random bonus feature in which a character will appear on the screen after the reels begin to spin. The character will award Wilds in a random pattern as the reels are spinning. There are four different bonus games that can be triggered by the reels, and the bonus game given depends on which bonus icon appears on the last reel. The games include the Cartman and Kenny bonus games and also the Kyle and Stan bonus spins.

South park bonus games

South Park Slots is a fun, fast-paced multi-line slot that offers players the chance to win up to 1,250,000 coins on a single spin.

Play online Stickers Slot Machine | Review

The Stickers slot machine is a wonderful game that’s simple to relish. Players all over the world love the game due to its bright colors and easy manner. Players could play the game for gratis at any time as a type of drill, and players who are quite virtuoso might play the game for money after they are ready. Stickers introduce several colors and stickers to players, and your stickers are expected to align for a jackpot. The game itself makes lining up the stickers easy, and you may punt multiple pay lines that make cash simple to win.

Play Here


#1: Your wagering Strategy


Your wagering strategy should embrace many dissimilar pay lines, and counting on completely different pay lines can increase your probabilities of winning. You will increase your winnings with each spin, or you could bet the minimum to accumulate little jackpots repeatedly. Players who opt for several pay lines to punt can win more cash overall, and players who have learned the patterns of the game are more likely to win often. You are free to bet as much as you wish on the game; however you need to have a technique to make sure that you simply are making as much cash as attainable.


Pay lines and Symbols

stickers_infog2  stickers_infog3

Sticky Spin




#2: Free Spins


Free spins assist you by increasing your probabilities of winning at Stickers. Free spins can assist you to keep the game going, and you must make sure that you have spent as much time as allowed in the game before stopping. You may have extra winnings in your pot when you have spent longer time spinning, and you need to accumulate as much free spins as you can get. Free spins make the game a lot of fun, and free spins come in any form as you’ll discover.


#3: Wager sagely


Betting with wisdom will help you win extra money, and you have to play the game frequently to find an improved betting strategy. Wagering on the game helps you win, however you must wager wisely. You will see how the game is shaping up as you play and, you’ll see how the game provides you with probabilities to win. The toppers are usually patient, and they don’t bet too much on any spin. Stickers become way more fun if you chose to bet sagely and not aggressively.

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Fruit Case | Play Casino Slots online Gratis

Slot Machines Gratis Online

Gratis slot machine online fruit case


Online casinos provide a convenient outlet for those who love to gamble but do not necessarily want to drive to a casino. One of the the most common and fun casino games is, of course, the slot machine.

Many online casinos offer gratis slot machines through the use of promotions and bonuses. For some online casinos, players can qualify for gratis slot machine play simply by signing on a new user. For other online casinos, gratis slot machine play is granted when you make a deposit onto the site. Another major perk for players in regards to gratis slot machine play is the granting of gratis spins.

That is, many online casinos will offer players a set number of gratis spins. For example, some casinos will offer a player twenty gratis slot machine spins when they sign up for an account. There are even some online casinos that will offer even more gratis spins.

Gratis slot machine play is just one perk of playing on an online casino. Another major perk is simply the convenience, as mentioned previously. Players can play gratis slot machines from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, they don’t have to worry about the smoke and other distractions that come along with playing in a live casino. Slot machines are extremely fun for novice players and professional players. For novice players, slot machines provide a very simple game with very easy rules. Players simply have to click a button and watch the slots rotate. The computer will take care of the rest of the process. For professionals, slot machines offer a way to gamble without having to think too much. That is, once you have selected the stakes you want to play, you just have to sit back and relax.

In summary, many online casinos offer different opportunities for gratis slot machine play. If you are interested to taking advantage of these gratis slot machines, make sure that you sign up for an account at an online casino as soon as possible. If you are already a member of an online casino, contact the casino to find out if they have any promotions or deals offering gratis slot machine play. If you don’t have their email, check their website for promotions.