Cryptocurrency Used in Online Casinos

Over the past year, the spotlight has been shining on cryptocurrencies due to a massive spike in value and popularity and altho some may think of crypto as just a faze that will soon pass, one place it is taken seriously is the world of online casinos. Crypto is becoming more popular in the online gambling world due to the security of transferring funds since it does not require all the personal information needed for a traditional money transfer. Another upside to using cryptocurrency is the lack of any middlemen such as a bank which means that transferring funds can be done 24/7, much faster, more trustworthy, and with lower transaction fees. The biggest safety feature of this new technology tho is whats called the blockchain, which is a fully transparent record of all cryptocurrency transactions ever made. This creates a system that is extremely secure, unforgeable, and tamper proof. The goal for the near future is to master this new technology so players would be able to log in and gamble directly from their e-wallets without actually having to wire money to the site. Here are a few of the top cryptocurrencies beginning to make an appearance in the online casinos.


This is the most well known of all the different crypto types which has made it the most popular in the online casino sites. Some seem to prefer bitcoin to any of the others. Bitcoin is also the oldest of the cryptocurrencies which creates more of a trust for users. Being such a new technology at the start caused the online casinos to really have to think twice about whether or not to get involved with it and after reluctantly moving forward with it realized customers actually preferred it.


This model is much newer than bitcoin but is quickly growing in popularity. At just over two years old Ethereum is actually preferred to some over Bitcoin thanks to it being extremely secure to gamble with. This security is due to the fact that Ethereum was developed based on a system many of the online casinos are already implementing making them a very well matched pair. People who enjoy playing online poker will find Ethereum to be one of the best cryptos to play with.


Here is another example of why being the most well-known crypto doesn’t exactly make Bitcoin the best for all situations. Litecoin has two main differences than Bitcoin, first being the machines used to mine the crypto are much more expensive to build due to the use of a much more complex algorithm and it also has the ability to read data at four times the speed which gives Litecoin one of the fastest transaction times. This also makes Litecoin one of the best cryptocurrencies to use in online casinos.


Maybe not as well known as some of the other forms of crypto Dogecoin was originally created as a joke and would soon grow to become one of the most used forms of cryptocurrency. The recognizable dog picture on the coin is its Shiba Inu mascot “Doge”. With around a $340 million capitalization many online casinos have started to take this coin seriously and began accepting it. The real selling point for Dogecoin is its extremely fast transaction speed. With a block reading speed of just 1 minute, this is the fastest transaction speed of the bunch beating even Litecoins impressive speed of 2.5 minutes making Dogecoin a favorite for online casinos and poker players.


This cryptocurrency not being as well known as some of the other more popular coins is not accepted at a wide range of sites but there is a handful that will accept it and it is just as secure and reliable to use as the others. Namecoin is somewhat similar to Bitcoin as it is the first crypto to use a lot of the same coding as Bitcoin.


The main aspect of Dash that users appreciate the most would be its security and privacy which is a must for almost all users of online casinos and poker players. Unmatched by even Bitcoins privacy Dash is quickly becoming more widely accepted and used by players.


The last on this list, Novacoin is not one of the most popular used cryptocurrencies in the online casino world as there are only three main sites that accept it. Similar to Litecoin in value makes it a good source of money for data miners.

Looking back over recent years and seeing how these technologies have advanced and began to work more in unison it’s almost as if they were made for one another. It seems that cryptocurrency has found its place with online casinos and they will continue to grow more and more compatible with each other.

Netent Casino Games

NetEnt Review

Online gambling is a perfect way that gamblers use to earn extra money and for entertainment purposes. In the modern society, the number of casinos is increasing every day due to the high demand for gambling. However, gamers cannot enjoy online gambling without the help of a reliable games provider. NetEnt has been a standout provider of excellent gaming solutions to online casino operators in the world. NetEnt has a cutting-edge platform that allows gamblers to enjoy thrilling casino games and earn real cash.

With an experience of over 20 years in the casino industry, NetEnt has been a pioneer in driving the gambling market with excellent services and digital casino solutions. The software company has passionate, skilled, and motivated workers who are always ahead with innovative solutions and new technology.

The Beginning

Scandinavia’s prominent casino operators established NetEnt in 1996. Lindwall was the initial founder of the company when it was known as Net Entertainment. In May 2015, the software firm acquired a new name, NetEnt. Lindwall convinced Kinnevik and Cherry to contribute and invest in NetEnt. They are among the biggest listed investment organizations in Europe. Kinnevik and Cherry agreed to invest 8.5 million Euros for the development of NetEnt. The investment was rewarding because the company started growing drastically and became one of the leading software suppliers in the casino industry.

It has been dominant in many areas in Europe and other continents in the world. One of its major offices is in Sweden while the other one is in Malta, which is popularly recognized for numerous online gambling organizations. Currently, NetEnt has more than 1000 employees who enable the organization to develop excellent games and offer long-term gaming solutions to their clients. Originally from Sweden, the software company provides a wide range of high-quality games to gamblers and online gambling organizations in the world, based on the latest technology.

The Swedish software company has been the pioneer in the casino industry for many years due to the knowledge, experience, creativity, and innovation of its workers. In 2014, NetEnt’s gaming systems handled more than 21 billion gaming transactions. Therefore, it is a successful gaming company that is helpful to millions of online gambling organizations and gamblers in the world. Today, more than 180 prominent online casino operators depend on NetEnt for gaming solutions and other services. Moreover, the software company provides more than 200 thrilling games that you can enjoy, spin, and earn real cash.


NetEnt started with a few casino games, including Blackjack, Roulette, and various video slot games. With time, the organization expanded rapidly and started offering hundreds of games to online gamblers. Currently, you can use the software to play lottery games, fixed odds scratch cards, Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno, video pokers, mini-games, and other exciting casino games.

3D Animations

Other essential factors that play a significant role in the growth and success of NetEnt include impressive 3D animations, innovative features, intriguing bonus games, excellent graphics, knowledgeable staff members, and a high entertainment value that every gambler looks for when playing casino games for fun, money or other purposes. The famous NetEnt games are advantageous to gamblers because they enjoy high payouts.

The iGaming industry is experiencing massive developments in the modern society. NetEnt copes with the competition in the industry by employing these developments and innovative ideas on time. Many people own smartphones and tablets today. Therefore, the software company has developed helpful features that enable gamblers to enjoy their favorite casino games using their gadgets even in the comfort of their homes. You can enjoy NetEnt games on your smartphone with the same speed and quality. The games do not lose their rich graphics or features.

Live Dealers

In 2013, NetEnt launched live casino and entered into agreements with several organizations for casino games, including a framework agreement with GTECH. NetEnt entered the USA market in 2015. Furthermore, in 2016, the organization entered regulated markets in Portugal, Romania, and Bulgaria. The licensed online casino software developer will continue to surprise the iGaming industry by developing excellent games and providing gaming solutions to casino operators and gamblers in the world.

Enzo Casino


Enzo Casino has recently been revamped an added an exciting new provider BOOONGO, placing a lot of new games on offer. As an online casino, Enzo is licensed by the Government of Curacao, allowing players from all over the globe; however, they do have restrictions with regards to players from the USA.  This casino is owned by the GTG (Game Tech Group) and they are online since 2016.

Enzo Casino Bonus

Let’s start with how to become a member. You will need to create yourself an online account and verify your email address and account.  You can rest assure, this online Casino is fully protected by SSL software, ensuring that all sensitive information remains confidential and safe. They pride themselves on also offering some exciting promotions.

Promotions and Bonuses

  1. EnzoCasino offers an amazing 150% first deposit bonus of up to €1500.00. A 33 times wager rule needs to be adhered to before you will be allowed to withdraw any funds after the bonus have been given.
  2. The second promotion works hand in hand with the welcome bonus. This is known as the special payment method bonus. On top of your welcome bonus, you can receive an extra 15% on your first-time deposit if it is processed through the following payment methods; Ukash, Neteller, Skrill, PostePay, GiroPay and Sofort.

Games and adventures

Now the exciting part we have all been waiting for. If you would like to try out some games for free, you can visit the EnzoCasino Lobby. Once you are ready to start betting real money, you can make your first deposit and choose your preferred game under our real money section.

EnzoCasino offers a wide variety of online casino games. The categories are displayed as follows:

  • Video Slots
  • Card and Table Games – You will be able to choose between Poker, Black Jack, Roulette. Keno and Baccarat.
  • Classic Slots – Including three and five reel slots.
  • Video Poker
  • Micro Bets
  • Action Games
  • Vip Games

You are guaranteed to find something that will tickle your fancy.

Booongo, the all new provider has produced some spectacular games available online; they are also compatible with your mobile device. A few examples are Poisoned Apple, a slot machine based on the fairy tale of Snow White, Thunder Zeus and Halloween Witch.

Enzo Casino also hosts a few of the old favorite developers such as Betsoft, boasting with the super famous Birds and Viking Age; Fogaso, featuring Trump it and Booming with Exotic Fruit.

If you have some time on your hands and you are looking for some exciting and real entertainment, be sure to take a tour through this extravagant online Casino. EnzoCasino will surely promise you the adventure of a lifetime.

Blood Eternal

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Game Review

Blood Eternal

The Five Mistakes You Should Never Make When Playing Blood Eternal


In order to get really proficient with playing Blood Eternal, you do need to cut down on making some of the more common mistakes. Every player is going to make mistakes, this is a given. However, the more you aware of certain mistakes and the probability of them, the less money you will stand to lose in the long run.


1) The first mistake is relying too heavily on strategies and systems. You should definitely have some kind of plan of attack going in. However, you should never get to the point where you rely on them solely.


There are some who will advertise “slot secrets” and how to win big. You may want to steer yourself clear of these. All they will do is rob you blind. You should always leave yourself open to new ways of doing things. Combine this with your plan of attack and you will come out ahead more often than not.


2) The second mistake is when people continue to play after hitting a big jackpot on Blood Eternal. Once you win big it is time to take a break. Get up. Walk around outside. Get some fresh air. Do not continue to drown your chances in the game. All that money you just won is going to disappear. It has happened too many times before.


Do not let your emotions drive your direction here. Some players take a 1-2 week break after hitting it big. This is not a bad idea. Your emotions are going to want you to continue to play. Your emotions are also going to cost you all that money.


3) The third mistake is when players fail to have good money management. Create some checkpoints every time you play. The first week you can venture to win $50. The second week can be the same thing. Keep it low and manageable. This way it will not be such an issue when you do lose money.


4) Blood Eternal is going to have its fair share of good and bad games. It is up to you to know the difference. It is not a good idea to play just any game that is being offered. This is where so many players make their mistakes.


Some like to play things close to the vest. Others like to take a gamble on their games. It is a good idea to pick out some games for Blood Eternal that have bigger payouts. Pick a game that has some of the better bonus rounds. Each game has to be worth your while. Players should not play merely for the sake of playing.


5) The final mistake people make is they drink and play at the same time. Drinking lowers a person’s inhibitions. Once you get drunk, you will bite off more than you can chew. Please keep the drinking to either a minimum or not at all.

Maybe have one drink now. You can celebrate after you have won big. Otherwise, it is going to cost you more than a bottle of win.

The Valley Of The Gods

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Game Review

The Valley of the Gods is a sensational new online slot machine created by Yggdrasil. The game is set with a mysterious Egyptian theme and the players invoke ancient incantations, are granted large treasures, and strive for near immortality. This is a slot machine available with most mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. The Valley of the Gods has 5-reels and 5-rows with 3125 possible winning combinations. When the game begins there are 13 of 25 symbols on the screen with 45 ways to win. More symbols are unlocked with play until all 25 symbols are showing and the winning combinations increase to 3125. The reviews have been excellent and the game has been called, exciting, invigorating, and a must play.


The background on the screen reflects the theme of methodology from ancient Egypt. There are majestic pyramids amidst the golden sands of the desert. The reel set was designed to look like a stone Egyptian temple and the Gods Anubis and Horus are standing on each side of the reel. Anubis is featured on the left with glowing blue eyes while Horus is on the right with glowing red eyes. Both Gods are holding a bar meter and the effect is sensational. Anubis and Horus are also the highest paying symbols located on the reels increasing the stake by 20x and an additional 5 when either appears on the winning line. There is a statue of a cat, a female pharaoh, and the symbols of lower value are comprised of hieroglyphics. This slot does not have scatter or wild symbols.


The re-spin feature is triggered with every winning combination so every win results in a free spin. The spins will continue for the duration of the wins and reflect the original bet of the player. Every re-spin unlocks additional symbols so more ways to win are revealed. The goal is to keep earning re-spins until all 25 symbols have been unlocked. Once the re-spin has ended the additional symbols are once again locked. When all the symbols have been successfully unlocked the main feature starts. The player is given one extra life which grants a re-spin for one losing spin. Once the free life is gone the player can only continue to spin if winning combinations are achieved. The more symbols that are unlocked the easier it is to hit a winning combination.


All the symbols located in the re-spin feature have a blue or red scarab at the top. The bar meters on the side collect these scarabs with the higher value symbols containing the blue scarabs which are collected by Anubis. The multiplier increases by one every time five blue scarabs are collected. A player’s lives can be increased with the red scarabs found on the symbols with lower values. For every five red scarabs collected by Horus the player gains one additional life. These additional lives allow a player to continue with the re-spins despite losing rounds. The slot game initially appears complicated but after a few rounds it is easy to understand. The Valley of the Gods has a lot of potential and the players have ranked it as a fun game to play.

Rainbow ryan

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Rainbow Ryan is a slot game by Yggdrasil Gaming Software. This game has an Irish rock and folklore theme. It includes images of a leprechaun, card suit symbols, and accessories. The leprechaun’s name is Ryan. He plays the guitar, and he takes players on a magical adventure. Also, this game has cartoon-like features and rainbow-colored reels.


In this game, there are coin values ranging from .002(which is uncommon) to 2. This game consists of 4096 pay lines and six reels. Ryan the leprechaun will be on the left side of the screen.

Before playing the game, you will be required to set bets. Choose the “max bet” for the maximum bet allowed. Also, the reels in motion are set when you “spin”. You can opt to use the “autoplay” feature to automatically turn the reels for the number of times chosen without any interruption.


This slot game has a plethora of symbols which includes the following:

  • Spot Lights– shooting on the stage will trigger rainbow-colored reels. Also, Ryan can use his electric guitar to sync with the spot lights. This, in turn, will lead to massive wins when he syncs all six of these reels.
  • Free Spins– this is the game’s scatter symbol. When at least three of these scatter symbols land, the free spins feature will be triggered. The number of scatter symbols landed determine the number of free spins allotted.
  • Rainbow Reels– always active and every free spin can be increased by the synced reels’ number.
  • Wild Symbol– is also included in this game which serves as a substitution for any symbol.
  • Lucky Hats– this is the largest value symbol where five times the stake of players will be rewarded once five is shown on the pay line.


In addition to making the best of these symbols, spins, and bets as mentioned above, there are other tips you can use to your advantage. Seven free spins are rewarded to players when three symbols are matched. When four symbols are matched, 10 free spins are allowed, and when five symbols are matched, 15 free spins are allowed. The highest reward of 20 free spins are allotted when there are six matching symbols.


With the Irish rock and folklore theme filled with high graphics, cartoon-like features and rainbow-colored reels, Rainbow Ryan can yield massive wins as well as great fun. The free spin and the base game features can be up to 2,000 times of the players’ stake on the free spin or the base game. Taking advantage of the different symbols, such as the wild symbols, the scatter symbols, other tips should be used to make the best fun and winnings possible with this slot game. And as a result, you can multiply the winnings greatly like a leprechaun’s pot of gold.

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Fire & Steel: 3D Fantasy Gaming Experience

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Game Review

FIRE & STEEL is a 3D slot machine game by Betsoft.

This game is a 5-reel, 20-paline slot game designed to have fun. This brand new game includes a great music sountrack and epic action packed ability to keep you engaged and energized!

This is an inspired fantasy game that has the option and realistic possibility of receiving a payout! There is a battle field backdrop to the game that makes you feel that you are in a battle of war, while enjoying the energy rush of being in the moment!

Additional cool features of the game are the diamond video slot format that peeks into the world of good vs. evil. Your wins can be multiplied and increased by free spin modes, crossing beams and the lucky chance for retrigger!

Symbols & Payout

FIRE & STEEL makes it possible to have a payout percentage over 95% and pays out on intervals of a regular basis. Higher bets are typically the wagers that pay the most consistently, as is typical. The minimum bet is $.20 and the maximum bet is $100 so you can err on the side of caution or play it big, more risk and reward.


Wagers that are higher tend to produce the bigger payouts on return but smaller wagers can also result in the possibility of having a payout of various amounts. Wagering is a discretionary process that can result in a bigger cash withdrawal for you!


There is a jackpot with a payout of 2,500 coins! If you are lucky enough to get the high coin valued jackpot, you will certainly earn an extra smile for the additional increase in your paycheck!




You can choose from two characters, the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden.


The Swordsman has the ability to put a bright beam of light up his real and can turn all symbols affected into wilds.


The Shieldmaiden has the ability to cast light horizontally and could land you even more wilds!


If you are lucky and the two beams intersect at any particular point, free spins bonus round is initiated. Also, you control whether or not to hit the “gamble” button. If you hit the gamble button you flip a coin. After you flip the coin, if you get it right, you get to double your money!! If you get it wrong, you will earn nothing from that spin.

Gaming Strategies

Don’t go into FIRE & STEEL without the attitude that you are approaching a fun filled activity with the possibility of winning! It is okay to immerse yourself into the world of FIRE & STEEL fun, as a way to use your imagination while having the practical realistic possibility of winning big and having a smile on your face!

Although there is always the chance that you could earn nothing, the experience of involving yourself into the FIRE & STEEL mode of play is an engaging and fun way to spend some quality time with yourself while wagering for more cash wins!

Video Slots

Video Slots

Play Video Slots Online - Get 11 Free Spins!

Video Slots

We give you a 100% deposit bonus up to € 200 on your first deposit at Videoslots.com! The bonus is available for activation immediately after you have made your first deposit. To activate your bonus, go to "My Profile" -> "My Bonuses".

Overall Rating

Video Slots Info


Ever wished you had accessible games with the option for an instant-play interface?

Video Slots Casino has been licensed through the UK and Malta jurisdiction, and you have a treasured collection of games powered by the famous casino software like Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and Quickfire. Some of the favorites you can sit down to play include:

  • Immortal Romance
  • Thunderstruck
  • Blue Gem Gaming
  • Betsoft 3D
  • Heist
  • Dr. Magoo’s Adventure

Along with the prized slots games, you can also choose from over 20 varieties of blackjack, six styles of roulette, and you have the signature Multi-Wheel Roulette game. You can also try your luck at Poker Pursuit or play one of Microgaming’s most famous games, “Let It Ride.” At Video Slots Casino, video poker has also gained some popularity with all the traditional variants like:

  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks or Better
  • All-American Poker
  • Tens or Better

Some of the more extravagant games like Deuces and Joker, Double Joker and Bonus Deuces Wild also have some popularity. Many of the games you find here are available as both a multi-hand and a single-hand variety.

Support at Video Slots Casino

When we look at customer support, this company provides customers with helpful advice, and you can speak with a representative at two in the morning if the need exists because they’re open 24/7. In addition, they have easy accessibility with communication on multiple platforms. If you want the fastest, we recommend live chat because this hands you a direct means of communication with customer service, and you can also fill out a callback form that lets you speak with someone on the phone. For those not in a rush, you can speak with someone through email, but the response time can take up to 12 hours. Although, to be fair, most companies take between 24 to 48 hours, so Video Slots Casino does a pretty fair job at responding promptly via email, compared to some of its competitors.

Live Casino

Plenty of online gamers like the bonuses they receive from Live Casino. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t give you much incentive or advantages to gambling in this way. In fact, while you can get a 100 percent bonus, you have to wager with cash only. Meanwhile, the bonus only comes in 10 percent increments, which just doesn’t give enough reason to use it.

At Video Slots Casino, the layout’s clean-cut but attractive appearance means you can navigate the site with ease, and at the same time, the benefit of fast payouts and excellent SSL encryption security are only some of the potential benefits and reasons to check the site out.