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Finding the right mobile casino isn’t easy, especially if one is more used to the brick and mortar style gaming establishment.
Primeslots mobile
That said though, there are plenty of places for players who want to lay their money down via their laptops, tablets, or even their smartphones. is also a mobile casino.

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 Top 5 Mobile Slot Games

Ruby Royal

One of the best places for those who aren’t sure where to begin is the Ruby Royal casino. This mobile casino offers a 99.1% payout, which is a pretty good deal all by itself, but it also offers new players up to a $3,000 bonus in the form of a 300% deposit match. This means that whatever the player puts in to bet with, the casino will triple that amount and just give it to the player up to $3,000. The catch, of course, is that the player has to go through so many games before any of that money is eligible to be withdrawn. That’s going to be par for the course wherever a gambler goes, though.

Mobile Casinos bonus

Grand Parker

While Grand Parker only has a slightly better than 98% payout rate, it more than makes up for it with a 400% deposit matching bonus that can go up to $4,000. What’s more, this bonus can be used twice, netting players as much as $8,000 extra to game with. That’s no small potatoes, and it can be the difference between walking away from a table with a few extra dollars, and hitting it big all the way to the bank. Like most mobile casinos, Grand Parker can be played straight from its website, or it can be downloaded and played from whatever device one has Internet connectivity with.

Classy Coin

While it might not be at the top of most player’s lists, Classy Coin is still a great place to turn to when one wants a mobile casino experience that really delivers. It offers a 350% match bonus to get players started on their games of choice, but does only offer a 97.2% payout rate. This mobile casino accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards as well, so there’s never any worries as to whether or not someone has the money to keep going when he or she is on a real hot streak. Whether it’s slots or table games, cards or a special, members-only sort of play, there’s a little something for everyone at this particular mobile casino. What’s best is that, just like the others on this list, these games can be accessed from anywhere someone can get online. Morning bus commute, lunch break at the office, or just that downtime between classes where a user wants to play a few hands and come out ahead.

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