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Millions of people have sought after and found the thrilling, money winning world of online Video Poker.  Winning great sums of money from the comfort of their homes brings them back over and over again!  In order to win great gobs of money takes learning video poker strategies.  These same strategies are ones used by people on riverboats and in casinos everywhere.  Keep reading if you want to enter the exciting world of video poker strategy players and walk away a winner!

Strategy #1: Your Money:

Winners at gambling have many strategies in order to constantly be on the receiving  end, video poker is no different. First and foremost, you must have a firm grip on how to manage your money.  Ask yourself how much money you have to play and how much are you willing to lose?  Once you know that, you should divide the amount of a minimum bet into the amount of money you have allotted to play with.  This amount will let you know how many bets you can place.

Strategy #2: Betting:

What percentage of winnings will satisfy your gaming?  Usually 20% profit is a decent profit.  The amount of your wager is very important, you should start off with the smallest available bet.  Should you win, you can double that amount, if you lose then continue making small bets.

Should you win 4 in a row and then lose, wager 4 times the minimum bet.  Should that not payoff and you lose, go back to making minimum bets.

If you start winning more than the 20% of your starting amount and then start losing, you should stop when you are down to the 20% profit again.   You want to stop at that point in order to secure your winnings.

Strategy #3: The Cards:

The most critical step in video poker is choosing the right hand.  If you have four of a kind, a royal flush or a straight flush then play those hands.  You want to play the highest possible hand you can.  If you are not sure of these hands, you need four cards for a royal or straight flush.  You want to discard any unsuited card and if you have two pairs junk the unpaired card and go for a full house.

Strategy #4: Pushing Limits:

Once you have become comfortable with betting amounts and how to pick a winning hand, you might want to play little more aggressively. This requires you to bet the limit each time and try to grab a larger return.

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Straight Flush, Royal Flush, Full House and Four of a Kind — Only!  In order to succeed at this strategy, only hold Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10s.  Two pairs, Three of a Kind or a run of: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.  If you don’t have these hands, throw in all five cards.

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Once you have learned what works and what doesn’t and how to play the best hand possible, you are going to win with video poker.  Video Poker strategies are the same strategies used by people every day in casinos and they are walking away very happy players!

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