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A Great Look at the “Crazy Jackpot 60000”

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Many times people would rather play the casino online, than to travel for miles in potentially bad traffic, just to go to the traditional casinos. Let’s face it, playing great slot machines can be addictive, but sometimes the travelling to play amazing slot games isn’t worth it. Nevertheless, you’ll be astounded to know that there is a extraordinary online casino available, that has an amazing slot game online called the Crazy Jackpot 60000.

The Crazy Jackpot 60000 is full of incentives, advantages, and fun. This is for several reason. For one thing, there are a plethora of bonuses available that range from joining the casino to depositing certain amounts on certain days. They even have VIP and gold bonuses. Secondly, you will have the option to view the game at their normal size, big screen size, or even the full screen size. Another thing is that the payouts for this game can increase greatly in short periods of time, and this is referred to as crazy reels. The multiplication process of the reels can skyrocket in your account for great payouts, in sometimes three times as much. Otherwise, there will be standard payouts, and getting the joker symbols will really increase the pay. Another great thing about Crazy Jackpot 60000 is the fact that it’s not hard to get and achieve credits to your account.

Crazy Jackpot 60000 Payouts
Crazy Jackpot 60000 Payouts

There is so much to offer with the Crazy Jackpot 60000 along with tons of fun. This would be a great haven for all slot game lovers. And furthermore, joining is simple, and there’s live chat available, if needed. You can also contact them via phone or email. And that’s not all: With this amazing game, you will have the option to use a variety of payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, and different electronic payment systems.

Crazy Jackpot 60000 is the way to go. It definitely beat the idea of travelling miles in potentially bad traffic, just to go to the traditional casinos. Playing great slot machines can be addictive, but it’s not worth it. So with that in mind, it’s much better to play the Crazy Jackpot 60000 game online. With this game, you can take the plunge for one of the best slot games available at anytime of day. And furthermore, you will not regret it, and you’ll have a much higher probability of reaping the astonishing awards from participating in this amazing game.

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Mega Moolah Slot Review

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Mega Moolah is more than just an ordinary online slot. It’s the current world record holder for having rendered the single largest online jackpot. The record was taken down in September of 2015 when British soldier Jon Heywood hit the progressive jackpot for £13.2 million. Not bad for a game that was developed by Microgaming over a decade ago.

About Mega Moolah

The progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah takes the player on a romp through an African jungle where they are sure to meet some zany looking animals. In fact, the graphics and most excellent caricatures of the animal icons are one of the highlights of the game. Players will also enjoy the video and audio segments as they wait patiently for the random opportunity to be summoned to the progressive jackpot game.

Game Format

Mega Moolah starts with a conventional 5 reel, 3 row, 25 pay line gaming format. The player is permitted to choose the number of pay lines they wish to play (1 to 25), the number of coins they are going to play (1 to 5) and the value of each coin, ranging between £0.01 to £0.05. All of these numbers create a minimum wager per spin of £0.01, up to a maximum bet of to £6.25. While that low of a wagering range would usually be targeted towards beginners and novice, the huge progressive jackpot makes this game a primary target of players at all levels.

Game features and Bonuses

The games lowest paying symbols are represented by the requisite playing card numbers of 10 through the Ace. The higher paying symbols are represented by some really goofy looking jungle animals such as an elephant, a giraffe, a zebra and an antelope. The lion serves as the wild symbol. It will be used as a substitute for anything other than the monkey scatter symbol. If the player lands three or more scatters, they are rewarded with 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier.

The game’s most important feature is the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot bonus game. At a minimum, the game starts with a jackpot of £1.0 million and grows. Players are chosen at random for a chance to spin the tri-level bonus reel. There are four available jackpots, mini, minor, major and the ultimate jackpot. For a better chance to get chosen, it is recommended players make maximum wagers.

Verdict: – Through out the years, Mego Moolah has earned a reputation for changing lives. The base game is interesting enough, but let’s face it, players are investing their time and money for a crack at the big prize. For anyone who doesn’t think it will happen to them, one Jon Heywood can attest that Mega Moolah is the real deal and anything can happen when you are wondering through the jungles of Africa.

Bier Haus Slots

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You can pass time and win money by playing Bier Haus. This online slot machine recreates a Bavarian beer hall’s festive atmosphere.


Great Sounds

If you play this title with the sound enabled, you will enjoy the German music and upbeat chants on its soundtrack. When a spin hits a winning combination, the game also makes a series of noises that mimic brightly toned electronic bells.

Brilliant Display

In Bier Haus, Williams Interactive, a company that entered the amusement industry with pinball machines in the 20th century, built an excellent online slot title. The game’s color spectrum features hues that make the symbols from a deck of cards glow like gemstones.

On the game’s pay table, you will find several moneymaking symbols. The machine’s creators chose their winning reel spots from iconic representations of German culture. Line up three or more Oktoberfest acorns for a small win. A line of accordions will also bring you a little monetary joy.

Three or more beer steins, kegs or Bavarian castles will all help you win just enough credits to extend your fun session. For a big win, try to line up a series of matching beer-server symbols.

Free Spins

This game’s free-spin mode offers you its greatest opportunity. During a free spin, you can build your bankroll without any risk.

Plenty of Paylines

Bier Haus offers you 40 pay lines. Each pay line costs one credit. When you enable all 40 pay lines, you give yourself 40 ways to win on every spin.

To spin this game’s reels, you can click the Bet button on the lower right corner of the game layout. If you want to play multiple spins, click the Autoplay button on the lower left corner.

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No matter how you spin this game’s reels, may you find big wins within this Bier Haus!

Michael Jackson Slot Machine

The King of Pop – Michael Jackson – enter the slot machine game


In 2012 Bally Technologies introduced the new slot machine game ‘Michael Jackson: King of Pop’. The iconic star, his music and images were a perfect fit for a casino game. From the success of the in-person machine, Bally developed the digital version of the game. Fans of Michael will absolutely love playing this game, for the music if nothing else. But everyone will enjoy the easy to learn and entertainment addition to the mobile game market. Bally later followed up the success of the first game with a sequel titled ‘Michael Jackson II – Wanna Be Startin Somethin‘.


Here is a brief overview of the mechanics of the game and general rules:

  • There are 5 reels on the machine
  • A combination of 25 different paylines
  • Bets range from one penny up to 320 credits
  • Throughout the game both audio and video clips play from Michael’s career
  • Featured songs including Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana and Bad.


Vegas Slots Online gave the game four and a half stars, while Lucky Mobile Slots gave it a rating of four stars.


Here is a list of the in-game symbols you will find, and hopefully match!

  • The cover of Michael’s Dangerous album (top payer in the game)
  • Black hat
  • Diamond studded gloves
  • Blank sunglasses
  • Diamond studded shoes
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • The number 10 card
  • The number 9 card
  • WILD


Bonus Options

The Beat It bonus is one of the games top results. Players who hit the Beat It bonus symbol get a random number of free spins, that over time can add up on top of each other. Getting a Beat It bonus early in the game could result in a big payout with the extra turns.

There is also a Moonwalk wild bonus, which prompts a video of the legend doing his famous backwards dance move on screen. The moonwalk bonus gives wild symbols on the players next few turns. Finally, players that receive the CD bonus will have a second will automatic turn on the side of the green to add a multiple to the players results for the round.

In 2014 Bally reported that one lucky winner hit a $1.2 million jackpot while playing the Michael Jackson King of Pop slow machine.

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Play Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

If you love playing slot machines in casinos, then you would love the online version of the game mega fortune. It is almost the same thing except you are using your computer and clicking the buttons you want to use. There are a few steps to help you learn how to play this game. You have to sign up and deposit money, learn the buttons of the game by playing it yourself, and then you can learn more about the bonuses so you can receive even more money.

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Game Review

The first step you would need to do is sign up. This game does not require you to do so but if you want to make money while playing this slot machine, you need to do this first. To sign up, they would need some important information from you such as your name and address. You may be asked to create a username and password as well. Other important information will include your bank account information. This is how the money will be deposited into your account. You will be making a deposit after you are all signed up and ready to start playing. The amount you put in is up to you.

The next step is to start playing. If you have never played mega fortune before, then you would need to get used to what the buttons do. The middle button that looks like the reverse symbol you would click that to spin and see how many of the same symbols you can get in a row. If you want to bet to see how many you can get, then you would click on the max bet button to the right of the spin button. If you want the symbols to spin by themselves, then you would click on the auto spin button to the left of the spin button. You would put the number of spins in the dialog box that pops up. Underneath these button is where you will see if you are playing for fun or the amount of money you are playing with.

The final step is to get accustomed to the bonuses. Some websites that this game can be played on will pay you some of the money back after you have deposited your amount. Other websites may give you a welcome bonus where you receive money just for signing up. Whether this is your first time playing or your hundredth time playing; it would be hard for you to stop playing mega fortune because it can get very addicting once you start.


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Play A Night In Paris Online | Jackpot Slots Machine

A Ni­ght­ ­in Paris ­jac­kpo­t is a vi­deo­ ­slo­t with the French city of ­Par­is in the background. This slot­ ­gam­e ha­s outstanding 3­D an­ima­tio­ns a­nd detailed, colorful graphics w­ith­ ­French ­mus­ic accompanying the action of the slots­. A Night In Paris slot has the players participating in the action to help the police protect a Paris museum from the dastardly deeds of art thieves.

Play A Night In Paris Online |  Jackpot Slots Machine



This game is powered by Betsoft software and is a progressive video slot having thirty pay-lines and five reels. The wagering range is from two cents to $75 per spin. This video slot game has scatter symbols, free spin rounds, bonus games and great instant prizes. The first thing the player will want to do is set the wagering range by clicking on “choose coin” to determine coin size. “Bet per line” will set the number of coins to wager per line and “select lines” will determine the number of lines. “Spin” will start the reels spinning at the set wager. “Max set spin” gives the player the opportunity to set the maximum wager allowed and the reels will spin automatically once it’s been activated.

Bonus and Free Spins

Three or more painting symbols will start the “caught in the museum” bonus round, where players have the chance to chase art thieves and receive a cash reward. The police badge is the scatter symbol. If three or more of the scatter symbol show up any place on the reels, the “chase” free spin is activated. Once started, the thief appears on the reels and the chase begins. The thief is shown running from one side of the screen to the other. Every time he runs past the screen, the reels will spin. When all the free spins have been used, the policemen catch the thief and throw him out of the game. When the combination of symbols appears which include the thief, the badge and the guard, not in any order, the player is awarded instant cash.

Play Vikings go Wild Slots Game | Full Review


Yggdrasil Gaming’s Vikings Go Wild, offers players an animated world of Vikings battling a sea monster. With a rousing soundtrack, this impressive game provides a 25 pay-line slot, with 5 reel. You can start with the 24 Free Spin feature to be played from the 25p per spin and can play this on a tablet or other mobile device.

Play Vikings go wild Slot
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While you are cruising through the Nordic high seas, you will enjoy the brilliant Viking symbols. With nine standard symbols, you will win when at least three are all sequentially lined up, with a potential to earn 250 times the bet you placed (or ten times per your stake). Three or more Free Spin symbols will initiate freebie spins. For instance three provides eight free spins, four offers 16 while five allows 24 spins. As a Viking parks itself on the reel, it may transform to a Sticky Wild, but it battles with the sea creature first in order to win and become a Sticky Wild, with the potential for big wins.

While on your adventure, beware of a Treasure Chest symbol which appears during the basic game as well as free spins while you are on the final and 5th reel. This can provide eight to 12 free spins and potentially 40 times for your stake. However during the feature, you may have two to four spins or possibly 40 times a stake for the cash winnings or wild reel. After playing this game, you are sure to take a liking to a Viking!

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Play Super Joker Slots | Features and Bonuses Review

Super Joker is a video slot game that is designed in the same style of vintage slot machines found in Las Vegas Casinos.

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The games features 3 reels, up to 5 paylines, and various symbols that enhance payouts based on their particular winning combinations. This slot has a professionally designed look with immersive visuals and sounds that put the player into the atmosphere of an actual casino floor. Additionally, the featured bonus round works to further increase the potential for a large win while playing.

Super Joker’s Features and Gameplay

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Due to the simple design of the Super Joker slot, operating and playing the game is quite easy. The player will start by deciding on the initial bet before spinning. With the control panel of the game, players are able to change both the number of coins and coin size that will determine the ultimate amount of any payout. For the more advanced player, there is also a max bet button which bypasses the extra steps and automatically wagers the highest amount possible.

The game features standard fruit symbols that represent its multiple tiers of payouts. Ranging from 10 to as many as 80 credits towards the payout, each fruit symbol must land consecutively on a specified payline in order for the player to be awarded with a payout. The more special symbols included in the game are the bell icon and the treasure chest icon. Both symbols are at the upper level of payouts during the normal game and as a result are more of a rarity to land in a winning combination. Additional information regarding these symbols can be seen right on the screen in the paytables.

Bonus Aspects of Super Joker

Super Joker features a joker icon as its wild symbols, which will complete winning combinations by substituting for other normal symbols in the game. This special symbols is also responsible for activating the bonus round of the game. During the bonus round, the player can earn free spins with a payout multiplier, more symbols that will further increase the payouts, and stacking symbols to make entire reels wild. The joker symbol itself will also reward the player with the game’s top jackpot if multiple icons land in the correct combination.

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Play Red White Blue7s Slots Machine Online

The Red White Blue 7s slot game is the only patriotic game that you can play when you bleed the colors of the American flag.

Sure, you are a patriot, but you can really prove it by playing this game well. You are going to see nothing but red, white, blue and the color of money when you are playing this game the right way. That means that you are going to be able to have a good time playing the game because you really put some effort into it instead of spending all your time on a game that is not going to give you real results.

Play red white blue7s Online Free
Play red white blue7s Online Free (Open in a new window)


You have to keep your eyes off the American flag when you play this game because you are really looking for the bonuses that are going to keep you in the game for a long time. People that are playing this game the right way are going to see all the bonus spins, and they are going to hold on to them for dear life. You can use those bonus spins to get into the bonus round, and you could play the game for a really long time before you run out of spins.

Multiply your winning

The bonus round is going to help you multiply your winning, and it is going to help you make certain that you are going to have a good chance of going home with some cash. You can practice in the free version first, and you can use the game to get better results for your money spent. Just a few spins could get you into the bonus land where you will get multipliers that show your score rising so high you never thought you could win that much money. Uncle Sam would be proud of you when you win.

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