Mega Joker

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Mega Joker is a slot machine game that can be played online, which is based on an overall joker theme.

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The game visually looks like your typical, standard slot machine that you would find in any casino. Although there are some distinguishing factors that make this a great game to try out.

Mega Joker
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The symbols in the game are typical of most slot machines: As there are sevens, bar codes, bells, various pieces of fruit. As well as the ability to hit a progressive payout.

Mega joker is a progressive slot machine. Meaning that the more that the game is played without hitting a major jackpot, there is a higher amount that can be hit.
The player has the ability to select the amount that they want to bet. But if they want to hit the biggest jackpot, they will have to select the max each time they hit the spin button. There are three spinning wheels – Which give the player the opportunity to hit various lines. That come across the board diagonally and horizontally.


The amount of coins that are paid out are a direct result of the symbols that hit in a direct line. Which correspond to the overall winnings. Mega Joker is one of those games that has that visual appeal that so many people are looking for when they play a slot machine game online. As you have the classic slot machine set up. With the ability to win on lines that a normal slot machine game would not provide.