Boss Casino – New 200% Welcome bonus!

Playing Online – Like a Boss

These days, you can throw a stone and hit about twenty different online casinos that claim to feature a wide variety of games and activities. When you head over, what you normally find is the same old site with a handful of games that you can find anywhere. That’s before you even look at their so-called bonuses and extras.


BossCasino is more than your typical online gaming site. Sure, you can find one of the largest online selection of machines and games, but you can also have a lot of fun and win some big money. Just some of the great games and machines available include Sceptre of Cleo, American Blackjack, and Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde.

Bonuses, Bonuses, and More Bonuses

The best way to play with money is to play with someone else’s money. Other online casinos tend to offer a lot of rewards, but never really give you anything. With BossCasino, you will actually see a lot of the rewards you are expecting, and a lot you weren’t.

Just to say ‘Hello,’ BossCasino will give you a 200% Welcome Bonus. This means that almost any deposit amount will be doubled when you first deposit funds. No need to wait around for bonuses, BossCasino gives them to you right away. Is that not enough? How about another 150% Deposit Bonus? That’s more than three times your investment right off the bat with a couple quick deposits.


With other online casinos, this would be enough, but not BossCasino, which is why they are so boss. Every day is packed with a new promotion or bonus to help keep you playing longer and winning more. Each bonus comes with a number of free spins, as well:

  • Monday – 50% Bonus
  • Tuesday – 60% Bonus
  • Wednesday – 50% Bonus
  • Thursday – 70% Bonus
  • Friday – 80% Bonus
  • Weekends – 160%

You’re Safe With BossCasino

The most important factor when looking at online casino to entrust your money with is the security of the site and the transaction security. With BossCasino, they use popular encryption techniques and have a team of security personnel always reviewing and updating. To further their security measures, all player accounts are kept in separate bank accounts from the rest of the company’s funds and BossCasino carefully checks all user identities before any funds are withdrawn.

BossCasino is a great place to have fun and win big.