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A Funny Slots Game – Cyrus the Virus

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Cyrus the Virus is a fun, humorous and free video slots game that offers not only a variety of fun visually but also offers some interesting features to the player. Cyrus the Virus offers the player the standard five reels as well as three lines but the big standout point is that the player is able to win in both directions! This feature is displayed visually with small organisms on the sides of the reels when a potential for a win on that line exists, a funny and unique spin on spinning slots.


The symbols of this slot game are represented by viral cells against a green backdrop that is intended to represent the interior of a living creature and adds an appropriately gross feel to the game. The virus cells start off small and uncomplicated, small silly blue critters, with lower payout values but grow to more visually complicated the more the value raises, such as a large, tentacled, many eyed creature. The overall display is easy to distinguish and understand, displaying a button to extend out the options and information panel, your lines, coin value, bet amount, a button to easily place the max bet value, the spin button, an auto-play button for when you need to step away but would like to continue spinning the reel, the amount you have won and your current wallet value are clearly displayed on the bottom of the heads up display.

How To Win

The win both ways feature is quite innovative and is represented by tiny holes on the sides of the reels which serve as pay-lines. There are always active pay-lines from left to right as well as right to left allowing for more chances to win. If you keep watch of these small holes as you spin, your win will be displayed to you with the fantastic visual animation of these tiny viruses shooting out from their hideouts to bring devastation among the reels giving you the satisfaction visually as well as the satisfaction of winning nicely on a spin.

Another feature that plays out wonderfully within the game play as well as visually is the Extended Wild With Re-Spin Feature. The middle row can contain wild virus that can then encompass the entire reel giving you the visual representation of grotesquely funny viral cells taking over your reel and awarding you an additional re-spin for even more winning capacity and when you get the wild viral cells to take over a line and then get the win both ways viruses to come from their holes, you are rewarded with a spectacular visual display to go along with your winnings.

Winning Chance

Cyrus the Virus utilizes a certified random number generator for each individual stop position giving you the fairest possible chances to win. The overall chances of winning are fairly high with a stated 96.3% theoretical return to the player. Also this funny slots game features fantastic protection from lost connections or other errors that occur outside of the control of the player. This is definitely a fun slots game with fantastic visuals to keep you entertained as you spin the reel and win big.

Play Holmes & Stolen Stones Slots Machine

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Plenty of series and movies have been made using characters like Detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant and faithful Doctor Watson. Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot casino was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming using similar Sherlock Holmes plot and characters. As the game title suggests, Sherlock Holmes sets out on an adventure to regain stolen diamonds or stones.


On the way, there are many bonuses to be collected. Fives stones are connected to separate jackpots that can be won anytime during the game. Stolen Stones and Holmes also has quite an exploration adventure and great chance to win prizes. Jackpots are nothing compared to the free spins game bonus. Free spins are not quite easy to achieve, but then, there are always other significant opportunities to make cash. Holmes and the Stolen Stones provide slots with the most beautiful designs and high payout percentage that attracts any player.


Slot Properties


Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot game screen have standard three rows and five reels. There are eight types of regular symbols. The initial four represent standard card game icons like clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades. These symbols give the maximum of 200 coins in any winning combination. The other four symbols represent portraits of a magnifying glass, pocket book, Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective.


The Holmes logo gives the most payout and is served in brown cap and white shirt. Regular symbols can offer 20 different pay line winning combinations on game screen rights and lefts. Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot game also has unique game symbols. These two other available symbols represent rusty and new keyhole types. When three or more keyhole signs appear, the bonus is activated automatically. Next are additional coin prizes of ten thousand coins.


Game Warehouse Bonus


The bonus feature is only activated until the store; recognized by the stack of crates. Opening the containers reveal hidden treasures like gems, smoke bombs, and other coin bags. Coins increase prize, while the flowers add up at the top of the gaming screen. Smoke bombs, on the other hand, give the chance to restart the game. In this manner, stones and prizes can be collected while in the warehouse.


Five Jackpots and Free Spins


To win Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot you have to collect five different stones. Free spins automatically guarantee winnings. Three new unique golden keyholes also add prize and extra ten thousand coins and free spins. During Holmes and the Stolen Stones free spins feature, yellow, purple, green, blue and red stones emerged on the game screen and added to stones meter at the top of the screen.
Automatically; collecting five same-colored stones wins the Holmes and the Stolen Stones video slot jackpot. The jackpot has the proper amount of cash, just the right amount all online gamblers look for. Just like the Joker Millions slot, Holmes and the Stolen Stones gives real money with or without the jackpot. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is just the right online casino for new players seeking to venture into online gambling.

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Vikings Go Berserk Slot Review

After the wild success of its slot Vikings Go Wild, Yggdrasil Gaming has returned with the perfect sequel, Vikings Go Berserk. From the moment a player gets a glimpse of the most exquisite intro video, they know they are in for an exciting adventure as they sail the high seas with an assortment of vikings in search of the many prizes that await.

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About Vikings Go Berserk

Loyal Yggdrasil fans will immediately recognize the vikings and viking ship that serves as the games backdrop. Once again, the graphics and video features are of such high quality that players will sometimes forget they are playing a game. When they come back to reality and get back into the game, they are sure to encounter a feature-rich slot that gives them plenty of opportunities to win big prizes. Only out since November of 2016, this slot is destined to become a classic.

The Vikings Berserk Game=Play Format

Viking Go Berserk is played with a gaming format that includes 5 reels, 4 rows and only 25 pay lines. The wagering format allows the player to select a coin value of between €.01 and €5.00 for a cash wagering range of €0.25 or as much as €125 per spin. With a maximum jackpot of 100,000 coins, it gives the player a chance at a robust jackpot of €500,000, which is more than suitable for players at all levels.

Symbols and Bonus Features

The standard, low paying symbols are represented by a series of precious coins (ore, bronze, silver and gold) and four fantastic caricatures of menacing looking vikings. The game comes with a bonus symbol (treasure chest), which only appears on reels 4-5 and offers one of five prizes when it hits. The “wild” icon serves as the game’s wild symbol. It is used as a sub symbol for winning combinations involving any of the game’s standard high and low paying symbols. The Damsel serves as the game’s scatter.

From the base game, each of the four vikings has a rage meter. Every time one appears on the reels, the meter increases. When a particular meter is filled, the player gets 7 free spins with that viking in “berserk” wild mode. If the player lands 3, 4 or 5 scatters on the same spin, they are rewarded with 7, 14 or 21 free spins+bonus, respectively. During free spins, the player may encounter Bagnarok free spins where all four vikings are going berserk, sticky wilds, extra treasure chests or expanded wilds, covering an entire reel.

Verdict: Like its prequel, Vikings Go Berserk offers the player much fun and excitement. The free spin mode provides much of the excitement as most any of the aforementioned features may come into play. As if that’s not enough to entice players to play, that €500,000 jackpot opportunity should be enough to seal the deal.

Super Heroes Slots

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Super Heroes Slots is a game where you play with the help of superheroes you meet with every spin. The heroes are hidden in the tiles, and they are waiting to come out for your next spin. This article explains why Super Heroes Slots is so much fun. You may play the game online for as long as you like, and you will amass great winnings within the game.

Free speen mode

#1: Spinning The Tiles

You spin the tiles in the game on every turn, and you will see the tiles appear as heroes and their weapons or colors. The tiles must line up to create winnings, and you may line up quite a few tiles as you spin. Each tile will create its own pattern, and you may bet on the paylines created during each spin. Do not underestimate the spins you take that seem to be worthless. A payline may appear that produces winnings.

#2: Betting On Paylines

You may bet on paylines in the game as often as you like, and each payline will produce winnings if you line up your tiles. You cannot anticipate what the paylines will do, but they will give you quite a few chances to win if you are betting on several for every spin. The wise bettor understands the game will offer only so many chances to win, and betting on multiple paylines increases the odds of winning.

#3: Playing In Your Browser

The finest casino games in the world are playable in your browser through a casino website, and you will see nothing but glorious graphics when you load the game. The game itself it programmed to connect with your casino account, and you may play for real money if you choose. The free version of the game will help you practice, and you may earn quite a lot of money when spinning the tiles properly.

Super Heroes Caracters

Playing the game in the casino is an excellent opportunity for you to enjoy gambling on a small scale. You will earn money as you play, or you may play for free as you spin away the hours.

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Play Big Blox Slot Game

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Big Blox is a game with colorful totem pole designs. There are five reels in the game with 243 ways to win. This makes it very easy to win some kind of coin amount from the first spin in the game. You can change the bet from the minimum of five cents to a coin value of $4 if you want to play for money. There is an auto play feature that allows you to let the game continue spinning from 10 times all the way up to 1,000 times without you worrying about pressing any other buttons. If you choose to let it spin 1,000 times, it’s best if you’re doing something else online as this does take some time. You can stop the reels whenever you want or stop the auto play feature so that you can go back to spinning on your own.

When you win coins, the entire game has the appearance of rocks rumbling. It also sounds like rumbling rocks when the game spins. You’ll have greater success in the game if you lower the bet from the maximum to somewhere in the middle of the betting amounts. You won’t win as much at a time, but it seems like you do win more often. At times, the larger images will break apart and give you more coins. This is the easiest way to win instead of waiting on various lines to bring out a payout. After you play the game for a while, you see that the amount of coins that you win increases. This is what makes the game fun as you see the colorful Tiki designs glow and become smaller when they break apart.

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Play Free Incinerator – Superior Slot Gaming! Yggdrasil

Craving that addictive game that will keep you busy? Incinerator has all you need with detailed graphics, smooth game play and over 16 Wild Patterns that will have you winning BIG! All you need is 3 consecutive wins for your Wild Pattern chance to win it all!

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Incinerator has 6 different gaming symbols. Each with a set of numbers and value attached to them. Each turn, a group of symbols will turn “wild” by matching the pattern on the left side of your screen. With so many patterns and numerous ways to win, this out of this world slots game will have you playing again and again.


How to Play

Welcoming you with an interesting story scene taking place on Junk Planet, you are instantly warped underground to the Incinerators playing ground!

  • A visually pleasing 5 reel, 20 slot pay line
  • Uniquely features a “drop down” slot that is NOT a reel spin
  • 3 consecutive wins triggers a wild pattern feature
  • There are 16 possible Wild Patterns
  • All 20 lines pay from the left
  • The overall theoretical return to player is 96.0%


incinerator game setting

Incinerator has several easy to access, simple gaming options.
On the bottom left of the game screen, there is an options bar. Simply click the (+) button to expand or collapse these options. From there you have the (i) information button to give you some key game details (should you want or need them) followed by a settings option. Use the settings options for controlling in-game audio features such as ambiance music and sound effects. Here you can also have the choice of selecting a slower or faster spin speed as well.

The best part to Incinerator? You don’t have to waste any time getting started!
Simply select your coin denomination and click the SPIN button to start the game!

Play Nirvana Slot Machine Online | Review

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Game Overview

Although you might think that the Nirvana slot machine game has something to do with the band, this could not be further from the truth. Nirvana is a great slot machine game, which has some of the highest slot machine games out that can be played online out right now, featuring five reels and three rows of various symbols.

Nirvana Slot Machine
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The symbols include a variety of different characters, a handful of gems, and a wild symbol. The goal of the game is to hit a line of symbols that are similar, which corresponds with winning amounts of coins. The player can pick how much they want to bet before pulling the reel each time, which should give them varying chances of hitting winning totals. If you happen to hit a wild symbol, this will work to complete any other line that is on the board in need of another symbol for a winning line.


There are also a variety of bonus rounds, which can be sparked by hitting certain symbols that make the board and the game scramble. This can give you additional means of hitting lines across the board, which gives the player additional chances of hitting a winner and getting paid out coins with each and every pull of the reel. If you are looking for a fun video slot machine game that can be played online, which has a ton of bonus options and great graphics to go along with it, you will likely have a great time trying out your luck with the Nirvana slot machine game.

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