A Funny Slots Game – Cyrus the Virus

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Cyrus the Virus is a fun, humorous and free video slots game that offers not only a variety of fun visually but also offers some interesting features to the player. Cyrus the Virus offers the player the standard five reels as well as three lines but the big standout point is that the player is able to win in both directions! This feature is displayed visually with small organisms on the sides of the reels when a potential for a win on that line exists, a funny and unique spin on spinning slots.


The symbols of this slot game are represented by viral cells against a green backdrop that is intended to represent the interior of a living creature and adds an appropriately gross feel to the game. The virus cells start off small and uncomplicated, small silly blue critters, with lower payout values but grow to more visually complicated the more the value raises, such as a large, tentacled, many eyed creature. The overall display is easy to distinguish and understand, displaying a button to extend out the options and information panel, your lines, coin value, bet amount, a button to easily place the max bet value, the spin button, an auto-play button for when you need to step away but would like to continue spinning the reel, the amount you have won and your current wallet value are clearly displayed on the bottom of the heads up display.

How To Win

The win both ways feature is quite innovative and is represented by tiny holes on the sides of the reels which serve as pay-lines. There are always active pay-lines from left to right as well as right to left allowing for more chances to win. If you keep watch of these small holes as you spin, your win will be displayed to you with the fantastic visual animation of these tiny viruses shooting out from their hideouts to bring devastation among the reels giving you the satisfaction visually as well as the satisfaction of winning nicely on a spin.

Another feature that plays out wonderfully within the game play as well as visually is the Extended Wild With Re-Spin Feature. The middle row can contain wild virus that can then encompass the entire reel giving you the visual representation of grotesquely funny viral cells taking over your reel and awarding you an additional re-spin for even more winning capacity and when you get the wild viral cells to take over a line and then get the win both ways viruses to come from their holes, you are rewarded with a spectacular visual display to go along with your winnings.

Winning Chance

Cyrus the Virus utilizes a certified random number generator for each individual stop position giving you the fairest possible chances to win. The overall chances of winning are fairly high with a stated 96.3% theoretical return to the player. Also this funny slots game features fantastic protection from lost connections or other errors that occur outside of the control of the player. This is definitely a fun slots game with fantastic visuals to keep you entertained as you spin the reel and win big.