Greedy Goblins

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Greedy Goblins slots provides a rich, colorful animation beyond description. Armed with insightful characters, Greedy Goblins takes the player into the realm of the unknown for an outstanding adventure. Gnomes, goblins and mystique power this ancient slot into the modern era. Greedy Goblins online slot gives the online slots player every reason to return based on theatrics, music and enjoyment.


The Green Goblin awaits on the left hand side of the screen as the wheels spin in this epic adventure. His reactions to the spins is priceless and gives the player an opportunity to see what might be forthcoming in terms of the win column. The playful music that accompanies the background only enhances the experience as online slots players get the opportunity to win on low level bets or max opportunities. Will the Greedy Goblin be excited or sad? Only a spin will tell. It’s up to the spinner to keep the Greedy Goblin excited.


Nestled outside of his friendly tree house door, the Greedy Goblin seems in favor of the player instead of the game. His long pointed green ears only seem to point in the direction of amazing wins instead of horrific losses. He’ll take a drag on his pipe as you wait to spin for yet more fortunes. Don’t be overly surprised if the Greedy Goblin though walks back into his tree house with your winnings. It’s up to you to be more greedy.

The Greedy Goblin

He will giggle relentlessly if you get several “Wanted, The Ideal Stealer” frames in a row. The Greedy Goblin will do a dance if you somehow manage to corral several Green Goblins back to back to back on the same pay line. Treasure chests, moons and mushroom houses will also excite the Greedy Goblin to no end. The Greedy Goblin just might fall over as if he had just too much helium in his bloodstream. The feeling is quite contagious and it makes for a very fun time playing online slots. His reactions are priceless and perhaps the best online slots character to date. His attention to detail and to the pay lines are immaculate.


Tree house Wilds can also mystically magnify the online slots players winnings in a big way. If the online slots player hits “Welcome To Elfania,” prepare to see free spins galore in which bonuses could be gigantic. There is a possibility of 10X, 5X and 2X on each reel which could typically mean a giant bonus spin. Winnings can be multiplied quickly in the bonus round much to the chagrin or enjoyment of the Greedy Goblin.


Perhaps the giant win lies in the Tree house Wild which can ignite several different pay lines worth fortunes. The Greedy Goblin explodes with enthusiasm as the music continues to engage the spinner. He checks the reels carefully and reacts in abundance as the wheels often reveal prizes worth heaps of treasures in the modern world.


The Greedy Goblin might have the nose of Pinocchio but it tells no tall tales. His instincts are generally accurate as he awaits the reels to see what fortunes arise. He might depict an amazing win or fall over in laughter from a small prize. Either way, the Greedy Goblin is amazingly predictive in his estimation on the spin. His reaction is priceless and seems to foreshadow the winnings to come.


The Greedy Goblin combines fun with mystique in a way online slots rarely sees. It’s the rare combination of old earth mysticism and finding your pot of gold. For an adventure, check out The Greedy Goblin slots online.