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Big Blox is a game with colorful totem pole designs. There are five reels in the game with 243 ways to win. This makes it very easy to win some kind of coin amount from the first spin in the game. You can change the bet from the minimum of five cents to a coin value of $4 if you want to play for money. There is an auto play feature that allows you to let the game continue spinning from 10 times all the way up to 1,000 times without you worrying about pressing any other buttons. If you choose to let it spin 1,000 times, it’s best if you’re doing something else online as this does take some time. You can stop the reels whenever you want or stop the auto play feature so that you can go back to spinning on your own.

When you win coins, the entire game has the appearance of rocks rumbling. It also sounds like rumbling rocks when the game spins. You’ll have greater success in the game if you lower the bet from the maximum to somewhere in the middle of the betting amounts. You won’t win as much at a time, but it seems like you do win more often. At times, the larger images will break apart and give you more coins. This is the easiest way to win instead of waiting on various lines to bring out a payout. After you play the game for a while, you see that the amount of coins that you win increases. This is what makes the game fun as you see the colorful Tiki designs glow and become smaller when they break apart.

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Play Wild Water Slots Machine | Full Review

Want to try your hand at casino gaming, but don’t know where to start. well, if you aren’t very experienced, or even when you are, a great video slot game is Wild Water.

Wild Water Gratis spin bonus
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Wild water slots is a cool video slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. You can bet as little as 20p to £100 per spin.

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What Makes This Video Slot Game Different from Others?

Wild water is one of the coolest then average slots games for several reasons. It has a cool 60s beach theme that everyone who remembers or loves the vintage 60s enjoys. The cute California looking guys and the girls in bikinis are great fun to watch. There are also a few Palm trees, a hippie camper van and a soundtrack that reminds of those old-time, fun summer days.

Great Bonuses at Wild Water Slots

Best of all, you can win when you match the images up. The basic game gives you 2 cash bonuses when you get 5 surfer symbols. And you can make as much as 20 times your stake in bonus points when you get the 5 surfers.

Win 200 times your stake when you get all 5 different surfer guy symbols on all 5 reels. This is a game that is really easy to play,and a lot of fun. The video images sound and quick spinning action keep you busy for hours at a time. Plus, it really is to hit that big jackpot.

Free Spin Bonuses Too

The game has some fabulous free spin features, and certain image line ups can give you as many as 15 free spins. Get more symbols and you get a lot more spins.

Better Stakes All the Time

There are all sorts of ways to increase your stake on Wild Water Slots and these bonuses come pretty easily too, often,you can earn bonuses virtually every time you play.

All in All

Wild Water graphics are vibrant, and gorgeous. The play is fast paced and the sounds are never boring. This is a wonderful game for those people who like slot machines. You can play from your PC, your laptop or even your table or smartphone. It’s a game you can play anywhere, while waiting in line, on the train or subway to/from work or just at home while watching your favorite TV show.

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Mr Vegas Slots | Play with free Bonus Spins

Mr. Vegas is asking you if you want to be Mr. Vegas when you start playing, but you cannot be Mr. Vegas unless you have invested some time in learning to play this game the right way. Mr. Vegas is a good bettor, and he does not spend his money on anything that is not going to win. This means that you are going to have to be a smart spinner, and you are going to have to use those spins to get way ahead of where you are right now.

Play Mr Vegas

Play Mr. Vegas

How to Win

Mr. Vegas is a basic Vegas slots game that is going to tease you with a free version. You should make certain that you are clear about the game works before you start betting your money because you could lose a lot of money in the process. You are going to have an easy time getting this done when you are familiar with how the tiles spin. You can see the most likely patterns, and you should not get distracted by the pretty colors and flashing lights on the screen.

Free Spins

The game is going to keep giving you free spins if you are lucky, and you need to keep using those free spins to see if you can get to the bonus round. The bonus round is going to help you multiply all your winnings, and you need to stay there as long as you can. Free spins are going to help you stay in the bonus round for a long time, and you are going to win much more money as a result.

The idea behind Mr. Vegas is to not get distracted by the way the game is made. They did a good job with the graphics and all those things, but there is nothing in the graphics that is going to help you win any money. You have to watch the way that the reels are spun to see if you can win even more money than you already were to begin with. This means that you will be focused, betting well and staying in the bonus round a long time.

Play more Vegas games at Slots of Vegas casino online.

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Jackpot Gagnant | Play Jackpot slot Online

Jackpot Gagnant lets you chase the money so that you can get more winnings out of each spin. It is a really simple slot machine that has a rolling jackpot you cannot ignore.

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You have to play this game to believe it because the winnings are so massive. Anyone who is doing well in the game is going to make much more money when they use their skills. You can get extra bonuses, and you will find out that you can win a lot of money using your skills.

Jackpot gagnant
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The Spins

You cannot spin a slot machine like it is a toy. The machine is going to cause problems for you when you are moving too fast, and you are never going to get any kinds of results from the game. This means that you will have to waste more money to get worse results. Spending a small amount of time trying to learn to play the game right is going to be more than enough for you to learn how it is going to be patterned.

The Bets

You can bet on all your spins if you want to, but you need to make sure that you are betting on the right lines. This means that you will be able to place bets easily, and you can place them on the paylines that you think are going to come up the most. This means that you are going to be able to make changes to your bets to win as much money as you want. The best gamblers are going to use their skills to pick the right bets to make, and you need to make sure that you have done all that you can to win well. This means you are betting on the right things, and this means you are not wasting time. Think about it, bet and get on with it.

The design of the game is really nice, and you are going to love the way it looks when you start to play. The whole game is going to suck you in because it is so interesting, and you will be able to make changes to the play that you do so that you can win. A few simple tricks are going to help you make a lot of money playing a simple slot machine.

Play Fruit Zen Slots Machine Online

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Fruit Zen Slot Review

Play Fruit Zen Slots Machine Online
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One of the most exciting slot machine games to hit the online casinos on recent years has been Fruit Zen. Unlike many of the newer video slot games available to players that have too many confusing features and slower play, the Fruit Zen game is fast, exciting, and gives you several ways to substantially grow your bankroll quickly. Here are just a few of the benefits to playing this fun video slot machine online.

With more people utilizing smartphones in their lives, you now have the ability to do things you were not able to do only a few years ago. Online casinos were only accessible by your desktop computer, today you can log into your favorite casino from just about anywhere. You can open up Fruit Zen and play while waiting for a flight at your airport, taking a lunch break from work, or simply relaxing at the beach. Now you can grow your bankroll substantially from virtually anywhere.

Payouts Infographic

Payouts Infographic

The reason why the Fruit Zen slots machine has been growing in popularity is because of all the unique pay lines that are given to the player. The fruit symbols consist of oranges, lemons, grapes, watermelons, plums, raspberries, and cherries. The most exciting symbol in the Fruit Zen game is the wild symbol. The Fruit Zen symbol can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once the symbol appears, it turns the entire reel to wild symbols and then pays accordingly. Where this game really helps explode your bankroll is you are awarded a free re-spin with the entire reel in the wild position.

When you are playing Fruit Zen and have activated the free re-spin feature, you could be rewarded with more re-spins if the wild symbol appears during the bonus spin. This is one of the reasons that this online slot machine has been getting so much attention lately. You also can play some practice games with house money to get more familiar with all those symbols and all the possible pay lines you could be playing. There are ten different pay line combinations, and you have the ability to bet up to ten coins per spin. Additionally you can bet as little as two pennies up to one dollar denominations.

These are just some of the reasons why players are getting so excited to play Fruit Zen whenever they can. With slots you can control the amount of the wager to limit your losses, while still being able to hit a huge payout if the wild symbols align correctly.
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