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Although you might think that the Nirvana slot machine game has something to do with the band, this could not be further from the truth. Nirvana is a great slot machine game, which has some of the highest slot machine games out that can be played online out right now, featuring five reels and three rows of various symbols.

Nirvana Slot Machine
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The symbols include a variety of different characters, a handful of gems, and a wild symbol. The goal of the game is to hit a line of symbols that are similar, which corresponds with winning amounts of coins. The player can pick how much they want to bet before pulling the reel each time, which should give them varying chances of hitting winning totals. If you happen to hit a wild symbol, this will work to complete any other line that is on the board in need of another symbol for a winning line.


There are also a variety of bonus rounds, which can be sparked by hitting certain symbols that make the board and the game scramble. This can give you additional means of hitting lines across the board, which gives the player additional chances of hitting a winner and getting paid out coins with each and every pull of the reel. If you are looking for a fun video slot machine game that can be played online, which has a ton of bonus options and great graphics to go along with it, you will likely have a great time trying out your luck with the Nirvana slot machine game.

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