Secrets of Atlantis

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Atlantis is an ancient city that is well known for the activities that take place. Atlantis is found in the sunken city during the earliest Greeks mythology. It is mainly designed to provide entertainment. It can accommodate many players who enjoy the spinning visuals and other games.

Games like 5-reel and 40-payline are very attractive to the players who know how to play. The city has extra unique features that make both ways win, colossal symbol re-spin and also nudging extended. To find the lost city of Atlantis is the same as taking home the best tips on games. A secret of Atlantis is a game that took place in 1937. The original name of the game was Atlantis V. An individual who created the interactive entertainment sold the game to nobilis changing the developer who was known as Adventure Company. The computer game is going wild and many people are excited with the tricks of getting the bonuses.

Atlantis, the city of riches

The unique and primary mentions of Atlantis were allegorical works of Plato. The philosophers use the city to show the competitive features and superiority of a good nation. The city is known by its abrupt demise after the gods of Greek state that it sunk in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. People speculate the location of the city using guesswork hoping that one day they will get the lost treasures. Players that spin the machine will not get the true secret of Atlantis. Instead, the players will get a chance of receiving bonuses on the game. The game is delightful and it thus leaves a mystery of the existing city which can be traced somewhere else.


Symbols of the secrets of Atlantis

Secrets of Atlantis payout symbols

The reels set to show a city that is completely dissolving in the salty waters of the sea. The beams of the light show the supernatural atmosphere. With the games symbols, there are many things that one is expected to see? The symbols include seaweeds, like jellyfish, turtles in the sea, pearls and few crabs. Punters encounter the watery treasures with pieces of gems, sapphire ruby, and emerald. These items have been designed to imitate creatures from the sea like turtles and crabs.