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Play Gemscapades Slot Machine

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Gemscapades is operated by BetSoft, and it is a beautiful slot machine that will dazzle you with sparkling colors when you spin the reels the first time. They have built a game that is a pleasure to play, and it is a game that will help you enjoy betting ont he chance of the tiles lining up. You nothing but gems in the game, and you must line them up as much as possible to win money.

#1: Free Or Paid

You may play the free or paid version of the game when you log on, and you may choose to play the game for practice before betting you own money on each spin. Spins in the game cost money when you are playing the paid version, and you must be comfortable if you plan to win any real money playing. Switch to the paid version when you are ready to make considerable amounts of money quickly.


#2: Bonuses And Free Spins

You will find many bonus round options and free spins hidden in the game when you are playing, and you must ensure that you are searching for them as you spin. The bonus round will multiply your winning by many times, and free spins will make the game go on for hours if you like. You may bet on the paylines if you like, and they will multiply your winnings more.

Playing Gemscapades is a fun time that feels much like a social media game you enjoy. You will be enthralled by the colors and sparkles in the game, and you will enjoy playing because it provides you with a simple way to make mooned.

#3: Keep Your Game Moving

You must keep your game going with the free spins that you are to use for your gameplay. You will earn quite a lot of money from the game simply because you are playing with more spins, and you may search for the free spin tiles on the board as you play. You will notice that it is quite simple to find more spins as you play, and you will see a number of them become apparent as you spin. You will have more spins to use, and you may make it to the bonus round a few more times.

#4: The Jackpot

There is a rolling jackpot in the game that you will quite enjoy watching as it rises in value every day. You are waiting for someone to win it so that it will go back to zero, or you may be the lucky winner when it is at its highest value. You must search for places in the game where the jackpot may be, and you will notice that there are many things you may do to ensure you are closer to it on every spin of the wheel.

The time you are spending on Gemscapades will excite you because it is a fun game on its own. You may play it for free when you simply want to pass some time, and you will find the paid version much more fun when you begin to win money on every spin or payline.

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Play SlotFather II Slot Machine

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Betsoft has introduced a sequel to one of their most popular slot games called The Slotfather Slot. Slotfather II will b e released to the public in the new future. The game is based on a crime boss and his henchmen and has a variety of screens to show their seedy underworld.

In this game, the theme comes to life with the dark backdrop that brings the 1930s to today. The Slotfather and his underlings are dress as if they came from the time of mobsters with their retro lines in their dark suits and the guns are perfect replicas of the time.

Rules of the Game

SlotFather II contains five reels and is an all-ways-pay slot game that has wild features, a variety of free spins modes, and a double up feature. The game plays from the left and is played on one-five bet levels.


This game has some fantastic symbols that include the following:

• Wild Gold Bars which is the game’s wild. This symbol can replace any symbol in the game except for the scatter. Typically, the wild shows on reels two and four, but during the free spins mode, the wild can appear on all of the reels except the first one.
• The truck is the scatter and is needed to get free spins. If a person lands three, four, or five trucks on any of the reels, he or she will earn eight, twelve, or twenty free spins depending on the amount of the trucks. The payouts while in the free spins mode are doubled.
• Big Boss Bonus comes when all the free spins are completed.
• The Gangsters include Fat Tony, Frankie Knuckles, and Snake Eyes Sammy.


Slotfather II offers a variety of features. For example, if two of the same symbols appear, the player receives a free spin. The matching symbols do not move during this spin which increases the chances of entering the bonus round.

If three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player receives an instant prize, and free spins are triggered. A player who gets three or more of the same Gangster symbol triggers the bonus round. In the bonus round, the player gets to collect from all the businesses in town.

The individual gangsters have a different method of receiving this protection money from the companies:

• Fat Tony is reliable and always collects but he is slow.
• Knuckles, who is also called Frankie, gets a little excited so he doesn’t always get paid. However, when Frankie does pay, he pays big.
• Snake Eyes Sammy understands control and stays in control. He is not too wild, but he is also not too cautious.

SlotFather II Bonus Infographic

General Information

The SlotFather II has over 240 ways to win with its standard spinning reels. It is a Slots3TM Video Slot Game that has a 96.60% return to the player. A person can wager from one to five coins per line. 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00 are the coin denominations available.

The minimum amount that a person can wager is 0.50. The default bet is this minimum amount. The game is available on a computer or a mobile device.

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Play Jackpot Ultra Game

Jackpot Ultra is a slot game that puts a modern twist on the classic slot machines offered in the old days of live casino action. Using three reels adorned with fruit symbols and the traditional bells and triple sevens, this game is exciting to play and offers the potential of a nice jackpot payout.

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Symbols used in the game include cherries, grapes, pears, oranges, and watermelons. Players matching three of these symbols on a played line win. The jackpot symbol is a Joker. Three Jokers deliver the jackpot which is clearly presented in the lower right corner of the machine. Another exciting feature of Jackpot Ultra is that it is a multi-line machine. Players can wager a base unit ranging from $0.02 to $1.00 and choose to play 1-5 lines. Payoffs are awarded on each winning line.

Following a win there is also a double feature which allows players to select one of two symbols. The symbols are toggled and if the player chose the correct one, their winnings are doubled. The player can then choose to collect their winnings or press their luck for the chance at another double.

An interesting nudge feature is also incorporated when a player makes a max bet. The nudge initiates a new set of reels on the top of the machine which can produce extra winnings and add credits to the supermeter. One to three nudges are awarded based on the number of credits wagered. A nudge will move matching symbols on adjacent reels into position to create a winning combination.

The jackpot is elusive, paying only when three Jokers appear in a straight line. Players can increase their chances of hitting the jackpot by playing the maximum number of lines on each spin.

For old-fashioned slot machine fun with a few new features to make it appealing to modern players, Jackpot Ultra is a thrilling way to experience online gaming action with all the bells and whistles of a live casino.

Get Happy With The Birds! Slot Machine Game

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Game Review

Tweet tweet! It is the sound of happy chirping birds. The sound that has been in the opening scene of far too many movies, books, and even television commercials. Now, it can even be the sound that a player hears when he or she is playing a slot machine game. That is if the player is wise in choosing their game and goes with the Birds! slot machine game.


Birds Payouts

This is a quick access game meaning there is no need to download it, and it is even possible to play from a smartphone or tablet for gamblers on the go. The game is set up essentially as a 5-reel, 3 line slot game except that the reels and lines are rows of animated birds standing on telephone wires. The birds interact with the player has he or she hits the spin button and thus places the bet.


This game features a free spin bonus that can be acquired by getting bird slot symbols on the wheel. The more birds you land there, the more free spins awarded.

Each of the birds has their own personality. Most players think they are pretty cute and most players also have their own favorite bird based on its personality. Of course, the personality doesn’t matter as much as which birds actually pay the most to the player.

Birds Double Up

While there is no progressive jackpot on this game, there are other fan favorite features such as the auto play feature, wild symbols, and a scatter symbol as well. Obviously, if you get enough scatters you will trigger those coveted free spins.

The game is not as serious in terms of its theme as many others, but that is exactly what some players love so much about it. They do not have to take themselves overly seriously, and instead can just enjoy the game play.


Play Alkemor’s Tower Trippin Slots

Step into the Amazing Alkemor’s Tower of Magic Slot Machine

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Once inside Alkemor’s Tower be transformed by his magic in this wonderful slot machine video game. There is the most beautiful display of magic symbols at Alkemor’s Tower. He leads the way and shows you his magical world. Alkemor the wizard watches as you play the slot machine game. As he jumps up and down or holds up his magical book of spells, or makes vocalizations, he is transforming the slots with his magical ways.

alkemors tower

Play the magical Alkemor’s Tower slot machine game. Alekmor introduces the game in his magical way. He watches and does his magical spells while you are playing. If you are lucky and he grants you a lucky spell you are magically transported to another screen and he walks you into his magical spell up the magical staircase. The amazing beauty of the staircase transforms into another amazing magical spot with white bright lights. Watch as he takes you on a journey into outer space with his magical telescope; Go to his tropical paradise with his magical plants that reach out grab and hold onto things.

The magical slot symbols are filled with bright beautiful colors and many magical symbols. The more you bet the better chance you have of winning more and more money as the wild cards appear multiplying the winnings by many times. The magician is on your side as you spin the spinner. All of a sudden the magician takes over and uses his magical potion and the spinner goes wild. The magic potion bottle bursts into a white light and the spinner speeds up as you win the jackpot.

The magician Alkemor transforms the game into an interesting mix of magic and fun.
Have a blast playing this game.

Progressive Jackpot System | Jackpot Slots Free Coins

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Winning the jackpot is the dream of every gambler. This is what they live for. Just thinking about your bet being tripled in an instant gets you into a frenzy of excitement.

Casinos have gone the extra mile to give players their money’s worth by instituting the progressive jackpot system. With this system in place, the amount of the jackpot will increase significantly with every single game. This continues on with every losing round, until the player finally wins. The King Cashalot online progressive slot game is a good example of this.

 Jackpot slots free coins

This game comes to us from Microgaming and is one of the most profitable slot games worldwide and can be found in nearly all reputable casinos.

Mega Glam Life Jackpot Slots
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Players can play this game with a bet as low as $0.05 and the game has 5 reels and 9 paylines from which to choose winning combinations, which hopefully favors the player. King Cashalot boasts of offering huge jackpots of as much as $1.7 million, with features that include multipliers, wild symbols and bonus games, all giving players a chance to win big.


The progressive jackpot in this game defaults at $100,000 to start with and goes up progressively from there. But to have any chance of actually winning the jackpot, players must play on all 9 paylines, getting 5 kings on the very last payline.


All players are encouraged to place the maximum bet displayed to increase their chances of scoring the big win!


Betsoft Games


Betsoft is another game developer that realizes that the trend towards progressive jackpots is here to stay. Players seem to love the anticipation and excitement that comes with progressive jackpots, and Betsoft has certainly created some very innovative and successful progressive jackpot games, that we really think you will enjoy.

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At the current time they have a jackpot pool of over 250,000 € with a large variety of games on offer. Their largest jackpot is approximately 50,000 €. What’s great about these games is that even though they are designed for low budget players, they’re still very interesting as well as exciting. The games that Betsoft offers are not full of gimmicks and this is a point of pride for the game developer. Players can clearly understand the rules of the game and what it takes to win.


Betsoft progressive games hardly ever has a jackpot of more than 50,000 €, which is something most players figure out early on since their games are so straightforward. Among progressive jackpots slots, this is fairly low. But if you just want to have a fun, easy time of it, then by all means, try out the progressive jackpot games by Betsoft. You’ll enjoy yourself and certainly have the chance to win a good amount of money in any case, which is always exciting. If you haven’t tried the progressive jackpot games yet, you’re missing out on a really good time.

More Gold Diggin Slot Review

More Gold Diggin Bonus spinn

More Gold Diggin' Video Slot

More Gold Diggin’ Video Slot Review

More Gold Diggin’ is a highly-anticipated sequel from BetSoft and provides the game player with the most immersive online casino experience available. The game surpasses the tall order of being even better than the infamous Gold Diggers slot through the feature of highly individualized characters, including redneck gold miners and a mischievous gopher.


More Gold Diggin’ has the traditional aspects of slot games that are appealing to the elite player as well as the novice, such as cascading reels and bonuses. The game also gives the option to double your winnings through a card bonus game. The opportunity for advancement doesn’t stop there; the multiplier increases all the way to 5x per win on some occasions, leaving the possibility for impressive winnings.

The characters enhance the game, consistently interacting with the game player as well as with each other on the screen. Accompanying the characters are the impeccable 3D graphics which add a certain mining ambiance to the game to establish a more nuanced feel overall. The specific animated visual details such as the wilds, sticks of dynamite, and free spin TNT barrels add to the scene and create a gold rush-era feel.

Familiar to the experienced slot player, the standard five reel slot with 25 win-lines and 3 rows of symbols makes for an exhilarating rush. The game adapts to any user’s needs with the ability to adjust the coin size to preference.

The animated sequences are extraordinary, including the introduction sequence as well as the double score animation. While they should be seen at least once, the animation segments can be skipped to improve the speed of play. All of the aspects of the game augment the actual gameplay itself, making for a captivating and entertaining slot. More Gold Diggin’ is even better than its predecessor and is definitely worth the play to strike rich.