Get Happy With The Birds! Slot Machine Game

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Tweet tweet! It is the sound of happy chirping birds. The sound that has been in the opening scene of far too many movies, books, and even television commercials. Now, it can even be the sound that a player hears when he or she is playing a slot machine game. That is if the player is wise in choosing their game and goes with the Birds! slot machine game.


Birds Payouts

This is a quick access game meaning there is no need to download it, and it is even possible to play from a smartphone or tablet for gamblers on the go. The game is set up essentially as a 5-reel, 3 line slot game except that the reels and lines are rows of animated birds standing on telephone wires. The birds interact with the player has he or she hits the spin button and thus places the bet.


This game features a free spin bonus that can be acquired by getting bird slot symbols on the wheel. The more birds you land there, the more free spins awarded.

Each of the birds has their own personality. Most players think they are pretty cute and most players also have their own favorite bird based on its personality. Of course, the personality doesn’t matter as much as which birds actually pay the most to the player.

Birds Double Up

While there is no progressive jackpot on this game, there are other fan favorite features such as the auto play feature, wild symbols, and a scatter symbol as well. Obviously, if you get enough scatters you will trigger those coveted free spins.

The game is not as serious in terms of its theme as many others, but that is exactly what some players love so much about it. They do not have to take themselves overly seriously, and instead can just enjoy the game play.