Play A Night In Paris Online | Jackpot Slots Machine

A Ni­ght­ ­in Paris ­jac­kpo­t is a vi­deo­ ­slo­t with the French city of ­Par­is in the background. This slot­ ­gam­e ha­s outstanding 3­D an­ima­tio­ns a­nd detailed, colorful graphics w­ith­ ­French ­mus­ic accompanying the action of the slots­. A Night In Paris slot has the players participating in the action to help the police protect a Paris museum from the dastardly deeds of art thieves.

Play A Night In Paris Online |  Jackpot Slots Machine



This game is powered by Betsoft software and is a progressive video slot having thirty pay-lines and five reels. The wagering range is from two cents to $75 per spin. This video slot game has scatter symbols, free spin rounds, bonus games and great instant prizes. The first thing the player will want to do is set the wagering range by clicking on “choose coin” to determine coin size. “Bet per line” will set the number of coins to wager per line and “select lines” will determine the number of lines. “Spin” will start the reels spinning at the set wager. “Max set spin” gives the player the opportunity to set the maximum wager allowed and the reels will spin automatically once it’s been activated.

Bonus and Free Spins

Three or more painting symbols will start the “caught in the museum” bonus round, where players have the chance to chase art thieves and receive a cash reward. The police badge is the scatter symbol. If three or more of the scatter symbol show up any place on the reels, the “chase” free spin is activated. Once started, the thief appears on the reels and the chase begins. The thief is shown running from one side of the screen to the other. Every time he runs past the screen, the reels will spin. When all the free spins have been used, the policemen catch the thief and throw him out of the game. When the combination of symbols appears which include the thief, the badge and the guard, not in any order, the player is awarded instant cash.