Multi-Player Mermaids Millions

Multi-Player Mermaids Millions

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The Multi Player Mermaids Millions slot machine game is an online based slot, which is based around a mermaid theme. The game has your standard five spinning reels, with three rows, and has a back drop of the ocean and an underwater setting. The object of the game is similar to any casino slot machine game that you would play in a real casino, or online, in that the object is to match up symbols across the board. There are twenty five lines that can be hit across the board, which are made up from the various ocean based icons, all of which have different amounts of pay outs.

The player chooses at the beginning of the game how much they want to bet, and can then hit the spin reel button, with the maximum that can be won sitting at a figure of one hundred thousand coins. In order to hit the biggest payout, the player must select the max bet before they spin the reel. The biggest difference with this game, as opposed to the majority of other online based slot machine games, is the fact that most games are played singularly.

This game can be played with up to five players at one time, making it a very new style of slot machine game, which has been hailed as a great alternative to your typical slot machine games. There are various payout lines that can be hit by utilizing wilds, which are symbols that take on the form of any symbol, which can be used to complete a line that was missing one symbol. If you happen to be looking for a great slot machine game that has bright colors and graphics, as well as the ability to play simultaneously with your friends, this game is for you.