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We don’t need to be in Las Vegas or aboard a cruise ship to enjoy playing slots. There are simple programs to download in order to play slots on the internet, but these programs are lacking in sophistication. It’s like watching black and white television compared to seeing a high def movie in a comfy theater. For the truly adventurous, those who want the real experience of gambling with real money, there are pay-to-play businesses offering slot games complete with super graphics and sophisticated music.

Gonzos Quest Picture
Gonzo’s Quest is one such game. It is modeled on Spanish explorers searching for the legendary “El Dorado”, the lost city of gold. The player is entertained by a sophisticated instrumental sound track as giant monumental boulders crash onto the playing screen, and when these pre-columbian images line up, we win. We are ably assisted by Gonzo, himself, as he stands guard to our upcoming treasure and dances in appreciation of our winnings.
It is easy to enjoy Gonzos Quest and other games as the company providing the game offers free play to everyone. There is also a guarantee of the site being free from spyware and malware. Take a chance, you might even find the lost city of gold.