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Top 5 online Games – You Have To Try!

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Decisions are hard, especially when it means deciding which free online friendly game to play. Relax. We’ve done the work for you in this list of the top five free online games in the universe.

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Deep Dungeons of Doom

Deep Dungeons of Doom is everything you ever wanted from a modest dungeon crawler. But this game is different, there’s no crawling. In this game, you slide through the dungeons fighting in mini-battles against dungeon monsters and you can get rewarded with some really neat gear. There are three characters you can play as and tens of rooms to overthrow.

Big Vegas – Caesars Online Casino

This free friendly game brings all the fun of Las Vegas to your door step. Lots of Big Wins and a really cool online slot machines game that this the undisputed leader in the free online casino games world. If you want to make some money – you can try the real money option if you are over 21 and located in the state of New Jersey.

Puzzles & Dragons

Puzzles & Dragons is a mix bag of several different games all meshed into one experience that can be quite addictive. This is a game where you catch monsters that have you training new creatures and preparing them for battle. Combat, however, is a lot more like Bejeweled and requires you to quickly clear your screen. Tens of dungeons reward you with cool items.

Crazy Taxi City Rush

All true gamers have an addictive association with Crazy Taxi. In this urban adventure, you can alight passengers and take them to their destination fast to make money. Being polite won’t get you too far.  What’s really cool about this game is that you receive bonuses for driving like a psychopath so long as you arrive on time. Enjoy busting through cars and traffic because in this game, the term road rage is a non-sequitur.

Sonic & All-Stars

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Now you can race against other Sega all-stars in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Imagine all the advantages of the console version packed nicely into a mobile-friendly version. The tracks are fast pace and the game has an ultra-smooth flow.
Do you have any Android games you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below.
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