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Guide to playing Pachinko

A good number of us know what machines are. Many of us also know what slot machines are. But, how many people have even heard of Pachinko machines and how they work? Although these machines are quite popular in some countries and regions, many others have still not heard or know about them. Here are some things to know about this machine.

  • History – The early pachinko slot machine came to be in 1920. The game served its purpose of entertaining kids very well. In fact, the popularity of the game came from the universal appeal which it held. In the space of a decade after the game came into existence, it was played by adults as well and had been formulated to meet their entertainment needs too. It would be interesting to know that as far as this game is concerned, there are no cash payouts. You can only get bonus vouchers, coupons, etc., but definitely not cash. When it comes to pachinko slot machines, you can exchange a little percentage of winning with cash. This is only possible in very few exchange centers located in Japan.
  • Rules – Rightly speaking, pachinko is a combination of the traditional slot machines and the game of pinball. In this game, the ball is released from the top of the machine after the lever is pulled by the player. The ball goes through a maze and comes out through a slot at the bottom. A player is said to have won and gets his points when he can create the right ball combination. Overtime, the rules of the game has changed such that today, the player can decide how much he wants to bet and also many other options to also decide. After winning one play, the player can still decide to continue in the game to keep winning and maybe, eventually win the jackpot.
  • System – As other games have their own systems, so does pachinko. The system followed in pachinko slot machine game is called Kakuhen. This game’s system increases the player’s chances of winning. It works such that after a player has won once, the chances of winning the jackpot by ten times is increased. Without getting the kakuhen, winning is still possible but just that in this case, the Jitan mode is active. Here, there is an increased chance of hitting the center spot with any of the next 100 balls played. However, the game reverts back to its initial status if the player still does not win.
  • Adjustments – These machines are often adjusted by firms who offer this game and that is the reason some machines pay out higher than others. The machines are also adjusted to pay out higher during holiday seasons to encourage a higher number of people to play the game. For those who have not played this game yet, create time to get to the nearest pachinko playing station and experience the sheer bliss of participating in such undoubtedly entertaining and interesting game.