Slot Machines Types | Which Is Right For You?

Slot machines are the electronic sirens of casinos, calling gamblers to come and play with an unrelenting barrage of bells, lights, and the lure of potential winnings.

A Brief History Of Slots
Old school machines had spring-loaded levers that set the reels spinning, (which earned them the nickname, “One-Armed Bandits”). Pay-offs were made in coins, which clattered into a metal tray.

Modern machines are flashier than ever, but don’t pay off in coins anymore. Instead, modern slots print a voucher to take to the casino cashier. Online slot machines credit or deduct money directly from a secure, cloud-based account.

Welcome To The Machine

Types of slot machines can be categorized by physical attributes:

  • Denomination—The minimum bet a machine will accept, i.e. penny slots, nickel slots, quarter slots, dollars slots, and high stakes machines.
  • Number of Reels—The number of wheels that spin. A three-reel machine has better odds, but a four- or five-reel machine offers bigger payouts.
  • Number of Paylines—Traditional, three-reel slot machines have one payline directly through the center. Newer slot machines have several paylines running horizontally, vertically, and diagonally across multiple reels.
  •  Flat Top Vs. Progressive—A flat top slot machine works   independently of the machines around it, and offers a fixed top money prize. A progressive slot machine works in conjunction with the machines around it, placing a small percentage from each bet placed into a jackpot that grows over time.


What’s Your Game?
Slot machines are also categorized by the type of game they offer. The most commonslot machine games are:

  • Classic Slots—An oldie but a goodie! Traditional three-reel, one-payline games with familiar symbols like fruits, bars, bells, and Lucky 7s.
  • 3D Slots—These machines use high-tech 3D-rendering technology to bring games to life! 3D slot machines combine the limitless realms of modern video games with classic slot machine gambling, for a completely immersive gaming/gambling experience.
  • Fruit Machines—Classic fruit slot machines are fun and easy to play. The winning combinations are easy to remember, and transcend language barriers, making games fast,  frustration-free, and universally appealing. Belly up to a classic fruit slot machine for hours of juicy, delicious fun!
  • Video Slots—Video slot machines—and their cousins, video poker machines—are often offered as free downloadable apps for your smartphone or tablet, making them easy to play anywhere, any time. Hit a jackpot while riding the morning train, waiting in line at the bank, or working out at the gym!


Hot Slots Forever!
Slot machines have evolved from standalone “one-arm bandits” that swallowed and regurgitated pocket change, to high-tech, interactive gaming systems. But, while the look and feel of slot machines have changed over time, one thing hasn’t;whatever type of slot machine you choose, get ready for hours of fun…and the possibly of winning a fortune!