Play Super Flip Slot Game

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Super Flip is a fun slots game with bright colors and the chance to win thousands of coins. There are 20 different payout lines and five reels. Images on the reels include strawberries, hearts, spades, diamonds and clovers. You can bet with anything as low as one coin to as many as five coins as this is the maximum betting amount for the game. You can also choose how many lines you want in the game. This makes it a little easier to win coins without losing as many coins as you would if you were to automatically play slots that feature all of the lines in play.

You can let the game stop spinning on its own, or you can click “Stop” to stop the reels at one time. If you don’t use more lines with the game, then you will find that it’s very hard to win any coins as the only way that you’ll win is if matches are made on those lines. There are wild symbols that give you extra coins by changing the images to the ones that you need as long as they are in the right lines. There is an auto play feature that allows you to select totals in multiples of 10 from 10 to 50. When you choose auto play, you don’t have to keep clicking on the spin button. This makes it a little easier to focus on other things that you’re doing instead of worrying about spinning for a few moments. The wild symbols will sometimes give you free coins along with the amount that you win from the lines on the reels. It seems like the auto play feature does increase your chances of winning coins more than spinning one time after another.