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Most people are looking for a simple win at slot gaming. Rook wants something more. He is out for cold revenge. The Betsoft 3D slot game Rook’s Revenge provides ample opportunity for the debuting character to get that vaunted revenge. And it does offer players a chance to win big, too. Rook’s Revenge is a visually stunning game and one that should prove popular among slot players.

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Premise and Theme

The game takes place in the backdrop of an ancient Mayan jungle. In addition to looking for revenge, Rook has his eyes out for treasure. Players have the chance at winning their own treasure once a wager is made and the virtual slot spins.

The 3D animation at the core of the game really makes the screen come to life. The sharp and vivid green jungle is matches in aesthetic brilliance only by the sounds the game emits. The audio track of the slot really does pull players into the mix and helps support a suspension of disbelief. Players really do feel like they are traversing and adventure for treasure.

The Layout of the Slot

Rook’s Revenge presents an impressive 30 lines on its five-reel setup. Players have the option of making numerous high and/or low wagers on the various lines opening doors for interesting – and maybe lucrative – payouts.

During the spins, the chances of hitting on a free spins feature or a wild symbol is possible. The game also provides bonus rounds creating another opportunity in which to win extra money.