Play Old Timer Free: Classic Slots Machine Game

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Old Timer slots is a game that is straightforward. There aren’t a lot of flashing lights or a lot of outrageous bonuses. It’s a game that is easy and fun to play, making the time pass quickly while you’re online.

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There are only three reels in the game, making it a little easier to make combinations. Most of the symbols are types of fruit, such as grapes, cherries and pears. There are also crowns and the number “7” in the game. Five pay lines are featured in the game. It’s usually easy to get at least one pay line to earn credits in the slot game. You start with a credit of 50,000. Each bet is for one credit with the maximum for each spin being 10 credits. As long as you have credits to keep spinning, you can play the game for hours.

While playing you’ll see that some of the symbols will light up, or they will appear as a neon color. This makes the game a little more fun to look at since there aren’t a lot of lines available. There are no wild card symbols, and there aren’t many bonuses. Sometimes, you run across a free spin, but these are hard to find, and when you do get a free spin, you see that it’s only for one turn instead of multiple extra spins. This is a pretty straightforward game if you like those without a lot of thrills and extra items that are added to the slots to make it more exciting. Since there is a lack of extra reels and lines, your payout will usually quickly add up so that you have credits to bet with.