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The Hot Shot casino style slot game has an old time feel with a new time look. As players spin the reel they will see the old favorite giant golden bells, the word Bar, and even the giant number 7 spin around. The big difference in this newer slot game from the old style is the addition of the Blazing 7. Hitting 5 of the Blazing 7 symbols with max bet amount on the spin will provide the player with a healthy $100,000.00 win. Five of the regular red 7’s is the second highest paying win at $20.000.00. Of course hitting any symbol on five lines will provide the player with a pretty healthy win. Learning how to play the newer form of the old favorite slot game is easy. On the bottom of the machine is an “I” symbol that a player can click to see how to play and see how wins are obtained while playing.

Hot Shot Pay Lines

The Hot Shot slot also has the Double Jackpot symbol, the Triple Jackpot symbol, and the Seven Times Pay symbol. All it takes for a player to win the multiplier is to spin one of them in a betting round. If a player is lucky enough to spin more than one of these symbols in that betting round they stack. This means that if a player spins two Double Jackpot symbols in the same betting round the amount that they win is not just 2 times the amount but is now 4 times the amount. A jackpot spin occurs when a player spins 3 or more of the Jackpot symbols or 3 or more of any of the Blazing 7 symbols across lines that they bet on.


The multipliers actually open up in what appears to be a side game. When a player hits these little games there is a Blazing 7 symbol that will appear on the first reel. The Diamond Line symbol is on the second reel. The third reel is for the Double multiplier. Each one of these mini reels spin and the player wins the entire amount that is won on each of these little games. The Blazing 7 with 3 7’s on it will appear on the last reel. Hitting one of these mini games with the last one being in the very last reel will give players 7 times the amount that they won on that spin. The more a person bets on that spin the more that they can win. To activate the mini multiplier game a person must spin at least three of them in one spin.


A big tip for getting the most out of this game is to try and bet on all 20 lines when it is possible. This will increase the players chance of hitting bigger wins as all lines will be bet on. Even if the maximum bet cannot be placed the player has the ability to see how much a win will be at the top of the game.

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