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Gemix is a fantasy-themed slot machine game that features mystical creatures like dwarfs, wizards, and damsels in distress. It features an interface that will remind one of a popular classic video game. Jewels of various types are dropped from above to make winning combinations. When a combination is made, those jewels are removed from play. This gives the player another chance to win as more jewels drop down to fill in the empty spots.

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In order to score a win, players must line up four identical gems in shapes that include moons, hearts, and stars. Occasionally, as repeat wins from one spin begin to accumulate, one of four bonus features appear. These are called Chain Lightning, Crystal Warp, Light Beam, and Nova Blast. Each one of them will cause jewels of a certain type to align and create a payout. These bonuses occur when a player has activated the Crystal Charge after winning on 20 symbols.


Gemix world pattern

The World Bonus is awarded when players clear a specific world of play and move to another. Worlds are cleared by winning on all of the highlighted squares. After each win that does not trigger the World Bonus, the bonus pool increases. A readout in the lower right corner will alert players how much money is currently in the bonus pool.

Gemix world wide

Randomly, the character from a specific world will award wilds after a non-winning round which replace some of the gems in play. When this happens, nice payouts can be the result. The game is geared to reward play when the maximum number of credits are wagered on each spin. Players can choose to play amounts that range from $0.50 to $100. When larger amounts are played on each spin, the World Bonus increases proportionally.

This game nicely reflects many of the new concepts in slot play which make it possible to win multiple times on one spin. The graphics are nice and there are many payout possibilities that keep players interested and having fun.

Gemix crystal charge