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Furious Four
Age of Gods: Furious Four is an online slot machine game with a distinctly mythological theme. Developed by Playtech software, Furious Four is the latest installment in their series of mythologically themed slot machines. As players engage with the game, they’ll also get the opportunity to interact with some of Ancient Greece’s most famous characters, including Zeus, Atlas, and many others. In addition to reviewing the game’s overall atmosphere, this guide will also take a look at some unique tips and features for this game, and also discuss some of the various bonuses that it offers to players.


In terms of atmosphere, there are few games in the market that encapsulate their theme as effectively as Furious Four. If you’re interested in ancient history, or Greek mythology specifically, then there’s no slot machine game on the market that does a better job than Furious Four. With that in mind, it’s also worth noting that Playtech has gone to great lengths to incorporate as much of the mythology into their game as possible. While Furious Four has many of the characters that you’d expect from a game such as this, it also has more than a few surprises. In addition to classic characters like Zeus, you’ll also come across other lesser known deities and heroes that you might not otherwise see in a game, let alone a slot machine.

The game itself is based on a classic five reel system, with players being able to win on up to 20 different paylines. In addition to standard modes of play, there are also bonus opportunities in the form of four specific gods, which the player can enlist the aid of through the course of playing. This variety helps keep the game engaging and ensures that you never get bored once you start investing time into it.

Furious Four: Tips and Tricks

If you want to make the best of your time with Furious Four, then it’s important to understand how the bonuses work. In this game, bonuses are unlocked by matching a specific god on the third wheel. For instance, if the player manages to cover the third wheel with Apollo’s avatar, then they’ll enjoy bonus spins that treat Apollo’s symbols as wilds. There are four different gods, each with their own avatar and special wild symbols, and unlocking these is the key to maximizing your payouts with the game.

As with most slot machines, it’s essential that you come in with a plan before you make any betting commitments. If you structure your bets based on your total payroll, then you can ensure that you minimize any risks and maximize your enjoyment of the game. Although it can vary based on your personal playstyle, it’s recommended that you try to develop a system where you don’t bet any more than 2% of your total payroll on any single round.

Of course, it’s a good idea to try to maximize your lines as much as possible in this game, due to the existence of the golden throne symbol. Whenever this symbol appears, it can multiply the value of its payline by a substantial amount.

Put simply, if you’re looking for a fun game that incorporates ancient history into its presentation, while still providing you with the chance to win a substantial amount of money, then look no further than Furious Four.

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