Free Classic Slots Online

After decades of slot machines games, a good number of them are now in digital form. One of the features of the free classic slot is the digital reel design with many themes that have distinct game methods as well as features that make the slot enjoyed when played digitally.

Classic Themes

The regular symbols on slot machines are easily found on different kinds of free classic slots. For example, the fruit slot machine which includes fruit symbols of lemons, oranges as well as cherries. These fruits symbolize award winnings.

Fruit Shop
Fruit Shop
Play Fruit Zen Slots 
Fruit Zen
Play Jackpot Gagnant
Jackpot Gagnant

Another reel slot classic symbol used is the black bar symbols. These symbols differ and include the single, double and triple bar symbols. These bars can be uses in their own reel slot or as part of a fruit symbol. The “lucky 7” is one of the classic slot machine paying symbols.

Lucky 7 Slots
Play Lucky 7 Slots

This symbol appears sometimes in different colors to show difference in value and mostly used for a jackpot on slots.

Animal Themes

Wild North
Wild North
Tornado Farm Escape Slots
Tornado Farm Escape
Frog Hunter
Frog Hunter

Another theme feature is the animal theme. E.g. a T.Rex can be used as a winning symbol on a dinosaur reel slot.

Fish, farm animals, birds and pandas are other animal themes available. The design element of the animal is submerged into the slot design, the symbol and the playing methods.

Retro Themes

Dead or Alive Old Timer Reel Outlaws

Numerous retro themes are available in free slot playing to help be in tune with the classic slot theme types. Nostalgic times are well represented by themes that feature cowboys, roller disco and old diners.

Slot Features

All the features of a regular reel slots are well represented on the online slots. Even to the noises associated to slot machines, the sound effect of pulled lever and spinning reel noises. There are animations that represent each reel during every spin and music effects are most of time added to the machine.
The online slot mechanics are exactly the same as playing real slots. This includes “Nudge” features to move extra reels, “Max Bet” options and the “Hold” features. Although there are five reel slots available too, many of the slots use a classic three reel set-up.
Surfing the internet on the various slot machines available will provide a wide option to pick from.