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The Amazon rain forest has captured the imagination of explorers and just about anyone interested in science and nature for centuries. Even to this day it remains a remote place that most of us will only see in textbooks. It is also mysterious as there are still undiscovered animal species and even lost tribes of people who have not yet been spoiled by the modern world. With all of that interest, the factor that an Amazon Queen slot machine exists is almost a given.

The Amazon Queen machine is also sometimes known as the Queen of the Wild slot machine game. It is a 5 reel, 20 payline game that allows players to bet anywhere from very small amounts to a significant figure with each spin.

As the name suggests, the player is looking to match up as many of the Amazon Queen symbols as possible. Many say that the Amazon Queen is quite attractive as a symbol, so she should be easy to spot as the reels are spinning.

An interesting quirk about this game is that it pays winning combinations both left to right and right to left. That is certainly not common with most games, but it is something that helps make this particular game that much more exciting and potentially profitable.

If a player can get 3 or more of the Amazon Queen symbol, then he or she has won some free spins on this exciting game. This symbol is the “scatter” symbol, and it enables a player to win those free spins and hopefully rack up even more money in the process. 3 Amazon Queen symbols awards 10 free spins, 4 will get you 25, and 5 of them lands you with 100 free spins. If you get that many, you are probably in for a nice win. However, just for good measure, it is also possible to re-trigger the bonus in this game for more free spins.

Keep an eye out for the Amazon Queen slot machine game and its many quirks and bonuses.

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