New slots released in January 2018

Online slots are one of the most enjoyable casino games you will ever find. The beauty of online slots is that they come in different themes and sometimes they differ significantly in gameplay giving players the flexibility to try new stuff as each game is released.

We are only a couple of weeks into 2018 and, just like USA Powerball where every few hours new numbers are churned out giving lotto players something to cheer about in the hope of winning, so too has game developers released three great new additions to an already booming online slots collection.

Game of Thrones

I presume everyone knows the hugely popular hit series; Game of Thrones that first aired in 2011. If you do not know this series, well, all I can say is that you are one of a kind. The new Game of Thrones draws much of its features from George R.R. Martin’s popular paperback series from the background to the characters. It also borrows its soundtrack from the series. Before you start your adventure in Westeros, you need to pick your house. Will it be House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister or House Baratheon? Keep in mind the choice of your house will determine your bonuses and multipliers. Game of Thrones is available for free and for real money.

Lord of the Rings

Another movie adaptation slot game coming your way this January, is Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings, for those in the dark, is a popular trilogy set in Middle Earth. The trilogy mixes action, supernatural forces and comedy. The Lord of the Rings slot game borrows all of its features from the first movie in the trilogy; ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. We believe in due course more sequels are coming that will cover the second and third movies in the trilogy. You can play Lord of the Rings for real money.


Starburst, the popular online slot game with a reputation for paying big is having an upgrade in January 2018. Net Entertainment, the developers of the game, have assured that the new upgrade will have nothing to do with the characters or flow of the game but just little tweaks in gameplay to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Starburst has brilliant colourful visuals and is popular with novices due to its simplistic nature. The new Starburst will allow players to play for real money or for free.