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With a multitude of online gambling sites, it can be difficult choosing one that provides the user with more bang for their buck. A wide selection of casino games will attract more attention, making it a more enjoyable experience for the user. From blackjack to video poker, users enjoy it all, and with the escalation of users referring to online gambling, it is at an all time high. One of the most popular new video slot games out there at the moment is The True Sheriff Free Slots.

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In this game, the objective is to lasso up the bad guys by trying your luck on this five reel slot game. With some good luck, a high wage spin can win you 750,000 coins in this western round-up. Through many websites this video slot game is featured for free, but there are a few sites where you are able to wage with real money. Whether playing for fun or in hopes of gaining money from this luck of the draw game, it offers several features that separate it from your typical run of the mill video poker game.

There is, of course, the adjustment of the wages where users can select the amount they wish to bet. If the user wins just once, they have the option to “Double Up”, risking it all on the off chance that the earnings can be doubled. In addition to gaining double the coins, there is also the opportunity to win instant prizes when the Sheriff’s badge pops up three or more times in a row. The symbol most users cannot wait to feast their eyes on is the Sheriff’s gun.

When the gun shows up normally, it triggers a re-spin, but when it appears between the Sheriff and the Outlaw, a bonus round is activated where a battle is afoot between user and outlaw. If the user would prefer not to indulge in these various features of the game, the more basic “Auto Play” feature allows for multiple spins as many times as the user wishes with a set amount to bet. Unlike in the wild west, a draw is never met. Instead, if luck is on your side, you will win the spin, but if the user is unlucky, the Sheriff will show the user his badge and will be taken downtown to pay the piper. Choosing the right strategy can prove the best possible outcome, allowing users to hit the jackpot!

Many games offer the same type of customizable gambling that The True Sheriff Free Slots offers. Other video slot games that users may check out are “Simply Wild”, “Puppy Love”, and many others through Slots Million.