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Play Super Flip Slot Game

Super Flip is a fun slots game with bright colors and the chance to win thousands of coins. There are 20 different payout lines and five reels. Images on the reels include strawberries, hearts, spades, diamonds and clovers. You can bet with anything as low as one coin to as many as five coins as this is the maximum betting amount for the game. You can also choose how many lines you want in the game. This makes it a little easier to win coins without losing as many coins as you would if you were to automatically play slots that feature all of the lines in play.

You can let the game stop spinning on its own, or you can click “Stop” to stop the reels at one time. If you don’t use more lines with the game, then you will find that it’s very hard to win any coins as the only way that you’ll win is if matches are made on those lines. There are wild symbols that give you extra coins by changing the images to the ones that you need as long as they are in the right lines. There is an auto play feature that allows you to select totals in multiples of 10 from 10 to 50. When you choose auto play, you don’t have to keep clicking on the spin button. This makes it a little easier to focus on other things that you’re doing instead of worrying about spinning for a few moments. The wild symbols will sometimes give you free coins along with the amount that you win from the lines on the reels. It seems like the auto play feature does increase your chances of winning coins more than spinning one time after another.

Hugo Slot Game

Hugo is a cute little animated slot game. When the game first begins the player will have the option to skip the cute little cartoon introduction video or let it play. The first screen after the video is over explains what some of the symbols in the game can do. Once the game loads the player can choose the amount to bet from 5 to the max bet of 50, which will give the player the best odds as it includes 10 lines in each spin.

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Three treasure chest symbols will start the bonus game. The bonus game allows the player to pick between four different doors. When the door is picked Hugo will go in and collect the win. If the wrong door is picked Hugo will be attacked by a giant crocodile and the regular game resumes.

Hugo Infographics

Game Review

Three pictures of Hugo, which are the wilds will double all of the wins and it will substitute for all of the other symbols on the board except for the bonus symbol and the scatter symbol. Three symbols of the woman will launch the free spin feature in the game.

Other symbols in the game that could lead to big money include the pickax, a bundle of dynamite, a bag of gold, and a gold nugget.


Each of these symbols offers a different prize to the player depending on the number of symbols of the same kind on the board. For example, if a player spins 5 golden nugget symbols on the same spin they win an extra 750. Of course the A, K, Q, J, and 10 all offer a prize for spinning 3 or more of the same symbol on a turn, but this prize is lower than those offered for the special symbols. For example, if a player spins 5 A symbols in one turn they will receive 150. While playing this slot game the player has a chance to win the big money in the tournament giveaway.

Play Gemix Play ‘N Go Slots Machine


Gemix is a fantasy-themed slot machine game that features mystical creatures like dwarfs, wizards, and damsels in distress. It features an interface that will remind one of a popular classic video game. Jewels of various types are dropped from above to make winning combinations. When a combination is made, those jewels are removed from play. This gives the player another chance to win as more jewels drop down to fill in the empty spots.

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In order to score a win, players must line up four identical gems in shapes that include moons, hearts, and stars. Occasionally, as repeat wins from one spin begin to accumulate, one of four bonus features appear. These are called Chain Lightning, Crystal Warp, Light Beam, and Nova Blast. Each one of them will cause jewels of a certain type to align and create a payout. These bonuses occur when a player has activated the Crystal Charge after winning on 20 symbols.


Gemix world pattern

The World Bonus is awarded when players clear a specific world of play and move to another. Worlds are cleared by winning on all of the highlighted squares. After each win that does not trigger the World Bonus, the bonus pool increases. A readout in the lower right corner will alert players how much money is currently in the bonus pool.

Gemix world wide

Randomly, the character from a specific world will award wilds after a non-winning round which replace some of the gems in play. When this happens, nice payouts can be the result. The game is geared to reward play when the maximum number of credits are wagered on each spin. Players can choose to play amounts that range from $0.50 to $100. When larger amounts are played on each spin, the World Bonus increases proportionally.

This game nicely reflects many of the new concepts in slot play which make it possible to win multiple times on one spin. The graphics are nice and there are many payout possibilities that keep players interested and having fun.

Gemix crystal charge

Play Wild North Slot Game

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Wild North is a mobile video slot created by Play’n GO, a developer that has released many other successful slot games, including Royal Masquerade and Spin Party. The game’s theme is all about the snowy wilderness of Canada. If you’ve ever wanted to go exploring the North, but don’t like the idea of being outside for days in freezing temperatures or the prospect of getting eaten by the local animals, this slot will let you see the wilderness in comfort. Wild North brings you many symbols related to animals that you would find in such an environment, such as owls, lynxes, bears and wolves.

This slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines, with the ability to set the value of each coin from $0.01 to $5. The maximum you can win is 250,000 coins. While the graphics, sounds and animations that you will find in Wild North are indeed quite beautiful, the main attraction of this slot is its numerous bonus features. These features give you the chance to win a lot of money when triggered and make the game more enjoyable to play overall.

Game Infographics

Wild North Infografic

Bonus Features

Wild North Infografic - Free Spin Symbols

If there’s one thing that Wild North definitely doesn’t lack, it would be bonus features. The lynx serves as the wild symbol and will substitute for any other symbol (with the exception of the northern lights scatter) to create a winning combination.

When you get three northern lights symbols, this is when things get interesting. It opens a “Wheel of Fortune” style bonus game, which spins and lets you receive one of the seven bonuses. Six of these give you between one and three free spins with sticky symbols, while the “Wild North Explorer” bonus is a mini game with a grid of 20 tiles. You select some tiles to unlock either cash prizes or one of the other bonuses offered by the slot.

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Wild North Infografics

Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a great game to play when you want to have more action and less trouble. You need to make sure that you get into the flames in the game because they are going to make it more interesting for you to play.


You are not trying to set fire to the screen, but you are trying to make a good play for the betterment of your game. You are going to spinning the wheel in the same way you would be in any other game, and you will need to make sure that you are going to have a chance to see how the game plays itself out when you are playing for long periods of time.

Fire joker infographic

You might not be sure how this is going to work, and you need to be sure that you have seen how it will work in most cases. Some people will find out that they are not getting what they expected at all, but others might be very in tune with what is going on. There is just a lot for you to see because the game is so active. There are a lot of graphics, and you need to be sure that you have thought about how the game will work for you. You will be able to use the game to have a good time, and you will be able to sit back and play for as long as you want while you play. You can play casually, or you can play quickly while you try to decide how much time and energy you are going to dedicate to this game.

Bonus Rounds

Everyone who wants to make money on this game is going to be able to make changes to the way that they approach their game so that they can make the most money. Everyone who is going to make the most of their gameplay will find out that they can actually bet on every line, and then they can keep spinning until they can get to the bonus rounds. That means that they can get free spins, and they will be able to multiply the money that they are making.

You have a chance to make a lot of money in this game, and you will be able to use the game to have a good time while you are also making a lot of money.

Sails of Gold Slot Game

If you have been to casinos before, you would know that they have tons of slot machine games but nothing like the online game Sails of Gold. If you have never played Sails of Gold before, it is important to get acquainted with the game. That is number one thing that must be done before you start playing.

In the beginning, the game will have a short introduction before you get to the game. It will tell you how you can earn some extra coins. It will also say how you can get some extra spins. Once you click continue, the introduction will direct you to the game. You will find that the game has a pirate like theme and has a bunch of letters representing the symbols. There are also a few symbols with different designs such as a compass.


How to Play

Now that you have understood the beginning of the game it is time to get used to the buttons. When you click on the coin value, the numbers will go up one by one, and the numbers in the coin dialog box will also go up. You will also see a couple dialog boxes that say coins and lines. If you have any numbers in those boxes and you click the spin button, then the game will give you the choice to either gamble or collect. If you gamble, you can choose a red or black card. If you win, you get coins. If you do not the game will end. If you choose collect, you get to collect the coins instead of gambling.

If you click on bet max and then spin the symbols, then you will also have the selection to either gamble on your winnings or collect them. If you select auto play, the game will play by itself and you get control on the amount of times you want it to spin. You can choose ten spins or twenty, thirty, forty, or even fifty spins. You can also select pay table if you forget the rules of the game.

As long as you follow the instructions on how you play the game; Sails of Gold is a pretty easy game to play. You will find out quick on how addicting this game can be. You would want to spread the word so everyone you know and show them how to play it as well.

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Play Samba Carnival Slots | Play ‘N Go

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There are lots of questions we get about samba carnival. It all depends on the level and expertise of the player as to the questions we get.

Below I have a list of some of the common questions we get, as well as their answers.


Samba Carnival

You can begin one of two ways. You can get your feet wet and play with “fake” money. This is a good way to learn the game and get used to things. After awhile they expect you to do number 2. Number 2 involves actually setting up an account and playing with real money.

Samba carnival paytable
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We have the fairest rules around. We deposit the chips in your account right away. Now you can’t withdrawal this money right away, but you can withdrawal the money you make off of it.

Samba Carnival does not introduce any impossible wagers. It’s very fair.


Ever hear of best soft gaming? We use the same type of random numbering. It’s this random numbering method that keeps the games honest. It’s the honesty that keeps our clients coming back, If you want some idea of the types of methods best soft gaming uses go to their site.


You can make a wire transfer for up to 150 pounds. It’s usually completed within 2-4 days. If you want less than the 150 pounds, you will need to make a manual transfer using the same wire method.

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Play Mystery joker Slot Machine | Play ‘N Go

Mystery Joker is a video based, online slot machine that can be played at a number of various sites. While the majority of video slot machines these days have some sort of extravagant theme that is mixed into the game, along with a ton of bonuses and wild options, this game keeps things really basic.

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Play to win real money with free bonus


In fact, the game only has three reels, which is the classic style of in person slot machine game that you would find in any casino that you would walk into. The symbols are a bunch of grapes, a bunch of cherries, a bell, a star, a lemon, and a joker symbol that serves as a wild. There are various lines that can be hit across the board, with the overall goal of the game being to line up the different symbols across the board, which need to correspond to a winning line. If you hit a joker symbol, you will be able to complete any line that you have across the board with other symbols.

Paytable Infographic

Mystery joker infografic - Paytable
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There is a scatter option that is built into the game, which may be hit after any spin of the reel, and there are also times where you might get additional bonus spins. If you love to play slot machine games online, but want a more traditional feeling game to play on, one which is more like the styles of games that you would find in Las Vegas, Nevada, and other major gambling cities around the globe, you will likely have a great time playing the Mystery Joker game.

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Play Rage to Riches Play ‘N Go Slots Machine

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Game Review

Created by the popular gaming developer Play ‘N Go, Rage to Riches is an advanced video slot game that features five reels and 20 paylines, with a theme that is styled after monster movies such as King Kong and Godzilla. The game features many different special symbols and bonuses that will work to enhance the player’s payouts as they spin the reels through the easy-to-use control panel. Additionally, this slot comes with multiplier trails that can award the player with as much as x100 of the original win.


Play Rage to Riches Play 'N Go Slots Machine

Rage to Riches features both expertly-crafted visuals and smooth animations, which both work to set the game apart from its peers in terms of look and gameplay. The standard symbols of the game are playing card icons, which are commonly seen in 5-reel slots. These range from a “10” symbol to the “Ace” symbol, which will in turn increase the value of each specific pay combination depending on the symbols present. The paytables included within the slot game clearly assign credit values to each symbol combination so the player can understand each payout.

control panel

Players both experienced and new will be able to operate Rage to Riches with ease, thanks to the simplified control panel. Both the coin value and number of coins can be adjusted, but the paylines are at a fixed number of 20 throughout the duration of the standard game. Expert players can take advantage of the more advanced features in playing the game. There is a bet max button to eliminate unnecessary steps and automatically place the highest amount allowed, while spinning the reels simultaneously. The game also includes an autoplay function, which is useful for letting the game run by itself to quickly reach payout goals. Players can stop the autoplay process at any time.


Special symbols in the game include both a wild and scatter symbol. The wild symbol represented by the Rage to Riches logo and substitutes for every other standard symbol (except the scatter) to complete winning combos. In addition, the featured scatter symbol comes in the form of an attractive blonde woman and creates a unique payout of its own, regardless of where it lands on the reels.

Free Spins

The scatter symbol will also trigger free spins, awarding the player with an initial 10 free spins and a guaranteed win every 3 spins. During this special feature, the player can activate more free spins for a total of up to 50 in order to greatly enhance the total payout amount won from the bonus.


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