Sails of Gold Slot Game

If you have been to casinos before, you would know that they have tons of slot machine games but nothing like the online game Sails of Gold. If you have never played Sails of Gold before, it is important to get acquainted with the game. That is number one thing that must be done before you start playing.

In the beginning, the game will have a short introduction before you get to the game. It will tell you how you can earn some extra coins. It will also say how you can get some extra spins. Once you click continue, the introduction will direct you to the game. You will find that the game has a pirate like theme and has a bunch of letters representing the symbols. There are also a few symbols with different designs such as a compass.


How to Play

Now that you have understood the beginning of the game it is time to get used to the buttons. When you click on the coin value, the numbers will go up one by one, and the numbers in the coin dialog box will also go up. You will also see a couple dialog boxes that say coins and lines. If you have any numbers in those boxes and you click the spin button, then the game will give you the choice to either gamble or collect. If you gamble, you can choose a red or black card. If you win, you get coins. If you do not the game will end. If you choose collect, you get to collect the coins instead of gambling.

If you click on bet max and then spin the symbols, then you will also have the selection to either gamble on your winnings or collect them. If you select auto play, the game will play by itself and you get control on the amount of times you want it to spin. You can choose ten spins or twenty, thirty, forty, or even fifty spins. You can also select pay table if you forget the rules of the game.

As long as you follow the instructions on how you play the game; Sails of Gold is a pretty easy game to play. You will find out quick on how addicting this game can be. You would want to spread the word so everyone you know and show them how to play it as well.

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