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When the Playboy enterprise first began Hugh Hefner may never have imagined that his gorgeous models would appear in a casino game. While considered to be one of the many fruit machines in the gaming world the Playboy Slots game takes it to a whole new level. This slot game is a hot little bit of gambling fun that has fans around the globe flocking to these machines.


The Playboy Slots are available at both online and in the real world casino’s. As the reels spin pictures of sizzling models make their appearance. Of course the ever famous Playboy Bunny icon makes an appearance on the reels right beside the half clad women. There are also sexy pictures of cartoon appearing ladies that appear in doubles on the reels. No Playboy game would be complete without the appearance of the big man himself. Hugh Hefner will make his big appearance on the game when a player finishes with the bonus round.


The Playboy Slot game by Bally allows players to bet on 40 different pay lines and on five reels. Players have the ability to bet as little as one cent. Just like any other slot game the more that a player puts into the bet the higher the chances that they have of hitting a bigger win. There are actually well over 200 different ways to win some cash while betting on this one hot little slot machine.

Wilds Symbols

Wilds Symbols

Wilds in the Playboy Slots game are pictures of the iconic Playboy Bunny. Players who are lucky enough to have bet on a reel where this iconic bunny appears will find that they unlock real pictures of gorgeous centerfolds. The Playboy Bunny symbol is also the multiplier for this hot little slot game. The more full pictures of the centerfolds that are unveiled the more chances of bonuses become available to the player. These wilds will start the player on a journey to unlocking free spins and they help add up the cash for a very big win. The free games given to a player after unveiling the centerfolds on reels 2 through 4 are numerous. Players may receive at a minimum of eight free games, but they could also win ten or even twenty free games in one betting session.


The wild symbols are only one way that players can win some big cash. The Playboy Slots game also has a numerous amount of scatters in it. It also has more than just the Playboy Bunny wild symbol. Other wilds in this hot little game include rolling wilds and running wilds. The word Wild may appear at the top of the game when a player unlocks a full picture of a model on a reel. The model will hold the reel in place locking it while more spinning takes place. If a player is able to get three of these wilds on reels 2 through 4 they win free rounds. While these girls are locked on the reels they also act as a wild card to help players win with just two matching symbols. These little spins do add up to some big money.


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