Play Jackpot 2000 VIP Slots Machine | Full Review

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Jackpot 2000 VIP is a fast paced and thrilling three-reel, five-line addictive classic slot game.


This game offers hours of arcade style fun with throwback imagery including the retro fruit that is the bane of all casino slot players, playful jesters and the standard bells and stars. Jackpot 2000 VIP offers mega-jackpots with varied payouts depending of the player’s bet. With the inclusion of mystery credits, Jackpot VIP 2000 keeps the excitement flowing.

Jackpot 2000 VIP offers multiple payout lines with the jesters offering the maximum payout of 10,000 credits. The fruit on the spinning reels offer the lowest payouts, ranging from 20-60 credits with cherries worth the least and grapes worth the most. Bells offer a payout of 80 credits and stars 100. The bet is fixed at 2.50 and the maximum payout is a non-progressive jackpot of 20,000 credits which is won on a Supermeter bonus reel where wins are doubled.

Bonus Round

The idea of the game is to enter the bonus round and stay in this round as long as possible. By opting to continue “gambling” your winnings you can remain in the bonus round and have access to higher payouts. You are automatically entered into this round when you hit a win and this is where you can hit the super jackpot of 20,000.

Jackpot 2000 VIP is a higher end game based on Jackpot 2000 which offers lower wagers and smaller payouts. For players that find the 2.50 wager too rich, you can always opt for the lower level game, but for players truly wishing to maximize their winnings, Jackpot 2000 VIP offers a much bigger bang for the buck and better payouts.