Play Guns ‘n Roses Slots Online | Game Review

The Guns n Roses slot machine game is based on the classic and spectacularly famous rock and roll band, Guns n Roses. Those that love to play slot machine games on the internet, as well as those that have a love for great music and classic rock and roll music will love the Guns n Roses slot machine game, which has been released by NetEnt. The game attempts to pack in the wild energy and extreme style that the band brings to the stage each and every time they play and there is no question that they hit the nail on the head with their slot based game.

The game has some of your typical icons, such as the ten through Ace in a deck of cards, which is used in many casinos played both online and in person, although they are mixed with roses. There are also a ton of icons in the game that are based on the individual band members and the entire band itself.

Guns N' Roses

The goal of the game is to hit lines across the board, matching similar icons, all of which have different values that will give the player differing amounts of winnings. Before playing, the player gets to decide how much they want to bet and then they get to spin the reel.


The sounds in the game feature Guns n Roses music, which really makes the game a lot of fun to play. The game has a bunch of bonus features and wilds, with the Legend Spins that can be hit giving the player three extra spins, which are conveniently stacked up with a bunch of wilds. There are also other bonuses in the game, some of which can give the player up to ten free spins, so definitely give this game a shot if you are a Rock fan.

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