Golden Caravan

Golden Caravan is a slot machine game that has a desert and sort of Aladdin based theme, with the background of the game and the symbols relating to a journey with camels across the desert in the night.

The symbols in the game feature a camel, a handful of characters that are holding jewels and fancy items, a treasure chest, the values of cards in a regular deck of cards from an Ace down to a 10, and a few other symbols.

Golden caravan paylines

How to Win

The objective of the game is to hit lines of symbols that match up across the board, much in the same way you would play and win at a slot machine in a casino. However, this game is different, based on the fact that it almost feels like a video game at some points, as well as the fact that there is a wide range of wilds, free spins and bonuses that are involved in the game.
The game starts out with the player picking how much they would like to bet and then hitting the spin reel button. The biggest jackpot in the game is twenty five thousand coins, although you can also hit a 10 times the winnings, and end up with a total of two hundred and fifty thousand coins.

Golden caravan freespins

Scatter Symbols

There are scatter symbols that are in the game as well, and if the scatter symbol lands on the three of the reels, excluding the even numbered reels, the player gets ten free spins. This can add up to a lot more coins from just a single spin, exponentially increasing the total amount that can be won with a single spin. Keep in mind, the total pay out in the game, if the player does hit a winning spin, is based on the total amount that the player had decided to risk before they spun the wheel. If they decide to bet with a small amount, they will only be able to win a certain amount of coins. However, if they have bet the maximum amount, they may be able to hit the two hundred and fifty thousand coins, as well as enter some of the scatter, bonus rounds and free spins. There are quite a bit of fun slot machine games on the internet, but this is one game that is absolutely worth testing out.