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There is a great deal of misconception about playing the slots. Many assume there is a special trick to figuring the game out. I have got news for you. There is not. There is no special rhyme or reason to playing Eggomatic.

There are some special tricks that will work in your favor. One thing I will mention first involves the spins. Each spin is its own creation. This goes for online too. Say someone walk away and you pick things up. Say you do win the hand you picked up on. There is no way there is an attachment between the two.


Now, let us get on with the tips for Eggomatic.


1) One of the best tips I can give is not to get attached to the slot machine you are playing online. Say you have been playing for a while and you are not winning. It may be time for you to move on.


Some players have found their winning streaks returning by switching machines and trying something new. I am not saying this is a full-proof way, but it does happen.


“Do not get too attached”.

–Max Black, Two Broke Girls


2) Try some of the loose slots online. They may work better for you with Eggomatic. When you enter the casino online scope out the high visibility areas. They are around. They are placed in certain areas. The loose slots are not attached to anything.


3) There are the progressive slots. There are two thought processes on these. One school of thought is to avoid these online with Eggomatic. Some say the payout rates is too low when you win. Others say that the progressives are like playing the lottery. When you do win, you win big and hard. This is why many like to try them.


This tip is up to you. It all depends on your philosophy and the way you look at life. Do not rely on the progressives 100% of the time. Those who end up relying on the progressives for a big win end up losing more money.


“Do not put all your eggs in one basket for there are bound to be a few cracks”.


4) “Bet Max”. You hear this all the time. You may want to reconsider this one. Some say not betting the maximum will lose you more money. Not true. On some machines with Eggomatic, the opposite applies. Here is the hard truth. Your chances of winning are about the same. It does not matter whether you bet high or low. You are not going to increase your odds by going one way or the other.


Making out the difference:

“The more you risk, the more you will win on a lucky spin”.


5) You have to pay to play. The paytables will give you more of a win. You can find them under the help menu or rule menu. Do some research Find out which tables pay out the most and work with them.


6) Test drives are a good thing. The machine is going to give you options which include free spins. Do them. You may just get a win out of it.


“Let us take a test drive, baby

“Do not buy and/or drive the car off the lot until you know for sure it works”.

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