bCasino.com Review

An Introduction: The Experience

The bCasino begins with some of the usual slots and usual games you can expect from other European and international sites, but more work needs to be done on the game options and the number of selections available. The images are very beautiful.

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The platform will change regularly. That is why there is an urgent call for players to understand what the site does offer beyond the imagery. There could be something deeper going on beyond just the basics.

In the review, we will explore everything from games and payment plans to the overall experience of what European and international players can expect.

1)The Games and Development

According to many experts, this platform is not going to be filled with as many games as others are. Experts have argued that the developers have some things to make up for in that regard.

It does have a lot of table games and live games to offer, as it is powered by the same people with NetEnt and NextGen. However, compared to the options that these platforms offer with other sites, the numbers are kind of low. There is something there to make most players happy, but the site does need to increase their odds with numbers.

2)The Support

This platform came out early last year. There is no way players can expect the support to be 100% yet. However, you can choose to live chat or email to talk to someone. The 24/7 support system that other sites offer is not there. We are sorry to have to tell you that.

Once more, this site is still kind of new. It will take some time to work out the kinks. The live chat is available from 11 in the morning until 11 at night.

The staff will get in touch with you once you sign on. They will ask if they can help you and how. That is a good sign, compared to some other sites. The staff is trained and they can answer most questions.

Take their initial contact as a blessing. The reason is they are new. They do not have the player volume other international sites have. They also need to work on their social media stuff. Everything is subject to change.

3)Money and Security

The site does take full ownership of everything that happens, and it is secure to use. This platform has also solved some of the payment issues that happen with other forms of currency. You can use any form you like(to the best of our knowledge).

4)Money Transfers and Withdrawals

International mobile applications have you covered from every angle. That is a blessing since a majority of players use their mobile devices to play. You could even use “pay by mobile”. The one downside to that option is you cannot make a withdrawal. Pending times will vary. You might also have to wait up to 120 hours for a payment to go through. The e-wallet option could be a better alternative, especially if you are in a rush.

There are limitations to what you can deposit and withdrawal and the amount. You cannot do everything at once. You cannot deposit less than 200 euros and you cannot withdraw more than 5,000. depending on the option.

There is also a limitation on when and how often you can do something. International and European players should read the terms for more information.


Players will get a generous promotion bonus once they deposit a certain amount. Sometimes you have to be generous to have generosity returned. Say you deposit 20 euros the first time around. You could get 100% of that retuned, up to 500 euros.


There are some disadvantages, there is no doubt about that. However, everyone who has tried this site recommends European and international players check it out. The site is going to change and grow over time. Sometimes you need to get something a chance. Nothing is perfect. This is one site players need to give a chance too.